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Minimalist help please

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HellonHeels Mon 10-Nov-14 10:47:52

Hi I know there are a few minimalists in here and I'd really like some advice from you.

I've split with DH (no children), and now moving into a tiny 1 bed flat; part furnished, limited storage. How many plates, glasses, towels, bed linen etc do I need? I'll probably have one friend round most weekends and have up to three guests at a time max, but not often.

I do have a loft to store things but I'm after keeping "stuff" to a minimum. Two of the kitchen/dining stuff and two more in a box in the loft?

Two sets of bedding - one on bed, one clean or in the wash?

Towels...hmmm not sure. I use mine for a few days before washing it. Could I manage with two? (Currently only have two and not sure if I need to buy more)

Any other minimialist tips very gratefully received too!

erin99 Mon 10-Nov-14 12:01:38

I definitely haven't succeeded in minimising yet but I'm trying!

2 plates etc would certainly be minimal. Me, I would stick with 4 of everything, crockery-wise. Plates stack. You could have 4 plates and 4 bowls in one pile. You're not likely to use that pile for anything else, so whether you have 2 or 4 of everything it's still just one pile. Have 4, and it'll mean less pressure on you to wash up after every meal. Whereas if you have 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the loft, that's 2 piles and twice as much storage in a way, IYSWIM.

Towels and bedding depend on your laundry arrangements. Start with 2 of everything, and make a note to buy/bring out extra in say 3 months, or maybe the Jan sales, if you need to.

kitchen gadgets - box up in your loft, bring them out as needed. If not used after x time, consider getting rid.

larryphilanddave Mon 10-Nov-14 17:01:38

For DH and I, we have 4 of each (plates, bowls etc) in the kitchen, but don't often have guests. So 2 of each should work regularly, you could store the other 2 like you say for occasional more guests.

Linens (bed & bath) - 2 lots is fine, plus guest linen if needed (we have 1 lot of guest linen as we only ever need 1 at a time, so we just wash after each guest). Makes it easier for us that way.

Only store what you use, so for example no appliances in the loft, just have what you need/use in relevant accessible spaces.

We have an empty loft as it's a hassle to get into so I see no point in storing there as it would have to be something not really needed (and therefore, why have it? iyswim!). We have a much smaller space in a hall cupboard, I use that for needed but infrequent stuff. If your space is fairly easy to get into then that's all good, but if not then it's worth considering if there is somewhere else it can go, even under a bed or sofa but hidden.

When it comes to buying, work with what you have and then if you find you keep running out of something, or keep thinking you need 'x', then get it, but don't pre-empt a need. If you just want something new or nice then get rid of the old.

I've received loads of tips and support on the minimalism threads, can't type too much as I'm on my phone and it's hard but hopefully some of this helps! Good luck flowers

HellonHeels Mon 10-Nov-14 17:45:03

Thank you both so much! Really helpful and given me some thinking points.

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