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TheEndOfTheWorldAsIKnowIt Mon 10-Nov-14 10:26:19

Hi, I need to clean my living room carpet again, last time I just cleaned around the furniture (quite a new carpet) but this time I want to do under the sofas. Can I move them, clean the carpet underneath then put themback and do the rest of the carpet or do I need to let the carpet dry first? Using a carpet cleaner version of the henry Hoover (cant remember what it's called) which leaves the carpet damp but not wet if you know what I mean. and the couch is leather with just a metal frame that touches the floor rather than the whole thing if that makes a difference?

wowfudge Mon 10-Nov-14 11:35:11

If you can't empty the room, clean under where they go, move them and clean the rest of the carpet. As the sofas have a metal frame, I would protect that by wrapping in plastic so you have no issues with rust from it coming into contact with the damp carpet. Also, I wouldn't just put the sofas back in their original positions and leave them once you've finished cleaning the carpet - I'd move them close to where you want them for a couple of days to ensure the carpet that will be under them is completely dry then unwrap the plastic from the legs/frame, put them in their final positions and the bit that was under them temporarily can then dry.

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