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Dishwasher ruining my pans! Please help!!

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Swifey Sun 09-Nov-14 19:55:39

I have used my dishwasher for years, and it has always been brilliant. Anyway, this week everything has started coming out chalky and seems to have a film on it? I have added salt and cleaned out the filters, and have also put a special dishwasher cleaning agent through it, but no luck! Any ideas gratefully received xx

Swifey Sun 09-Nov-14 20:21:06

Anyone??? Before I go and buy a new (and no doubt extortionate one)!!

PigletJohn Mon 10-Nov-14 00:39:34

test the chalky film with vinegar. If it fizzes and comes off (limescale), then the water softener in the machine is not working correctly. See if the salt vessel lid has come loose, and if it is full of salt granules. A loose lid enables the water to wash the salt out, so taste the deposit.

Have you been neglecting the salt?

There may be an adjustment of the softener (see the instructions). Older Bosch and similar have a tiny blue dial in the top left of the doorframe (kneel down to see it).

If the softener has gone wrong, decide if the machine is new enough to deserve the cost of a repair.

If the deposit is not lime, it might be mashed potato. Take off the arms and clean them, as well as the filters. Potato starch dissolves in very hot water, so open the machine mid-cycle to verify that it is fully hot. It might possibly be detergent, if the flap is not opening properly. Try dropping the tablet in the cutlery basket instead.

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