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New dishwasher leaving everything tasting metallic

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bluebeanie Sun 09-Nov-14 09:44:38

We moved into our new house a month ago. It has a new integrated dishwasher. We've been using it for a month, but it makes everything we eat from, and therefore our food, taste horrible. Anyone had experience of this please? Washing everything after a cycle (a quick rinse doesn't cut it) is defeating the point of owning one! Is it a rinse issue do you think?

PigletJohn Sun 09-Nov-14 11:12:26

Take out and clean all the filters (there may be three) and the spinning arms.

Verify that the salt and rinse aid vessels contain only salt and rinse aid (sometimes people put detergent in the salt vessel by mistake, which damages it)

Clean it thoroughly, especially around and under the edge of the door. A nylon brush will help.

Leave the door open to air after every wash.

Change your tablet - Aldi, Lidl and Fairy Platinum are good

Avoid lemon-flavoured tablets.

I have known dwrs that have been standing unused for a while to have an unpleasant plastic odour.

Last resort after doing all the above, try a Dr Beckman dwr cleaner.

bluebeanie Sun 09-Nov-14 20:06:07

Thanks piglet!

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