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Rug doctor; is it worth the rental?

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BigRedBall Sat 08-Nov-14 16:40:10

Has anyone used rug doctor before and recommend it?

WishUponAStar88 Sat 08-Nov-14 16:44:33

I rented one a few years back. There was a large ink stain and a smallish stain from spilt coke on a cream carpet as well as general wear. Both stains had been there months and we're removed really well with the rug doctor. Machine is bulky though and it does take a while.

BikeRunSki Sat 08-Nov-14 16:47:58

It's hard work, but it is amazing.

PrimalLass Sat 08-Nov-14 16:52:37

It is just as cheap to pay someone to do it.

SusannahD Sat 08-Nov-14 16:54:50

Agree it's hard work, but does bring up the carpets really clean.

stihlhere Sat 08-Nov-14 17:02:01

I have always found it worth the money and effort. Our carpet is older than me and always comes up well.

wowfudge Sat 08-Nov-14 17:28:40

I've used one just this week - brilliant. I even got a really ancient stain out that wouldn't budge with their special stain remover last time. Easier than some of the other machines you can hire because you don't have to bend to use it. Plus the tools reached all the way up the stairs as the hose is long enough.

There was a tip on another thread about using Persil Small & Mighty so I did as the RD detergent is very expensive. Worked a treat and smells good afterwards.

Not sure you can pay £22 (24 hour rental) for someone to come out and clean three rooms plus hall, stairs and landing though?

erin99 Sat 08-Nov-14 21:07:53

Great results, way better than a domestic carpet cleaner IME and much cheaper than getting professionals in. If you can find a professional to do your whole house for £35, sure, do that.

Downsides are it's noisy, fairly heavy work.

Drania Sat 08-Nov-14 21:10:18

YY to Persil Small & Mighty - was a lot cheaper and worked just as well IMO.

PrimalLass Mon 10-Nov-14 15:21:17

Not sure you can pay £22 (24 hour rental) for someone to come out and clean three rooms plus hall, stairs and landing though?

I hired one years ago for our 1-bed flat. By the time I had gone back for more shampoo, plus the time it took, it would have cost about the same.

PrimalLass Mon 10-Nov-14 15:25:29

In fact, after I had finished (in London in a heatwave) I walked downstairs to the shop under our flat, and there was a leaflet for a carpet company - 3 rooms for £35. I was gutted. I did pay nearer £100 for 3 rooms recently, but it was so worth it to not do it myself.

wowfudge Mon 10-Nov-14 20:02:27

You pay your money, you take your choice Primal. It cost me less than £25 (I have plenty of Persil liquid less) and I got the job done when it suited me in an afternoon; no making an appointment, waiting in, etc. and I could stop and do other jobs as I went along.

Yes I had to drive round the corner to B&Q to pick up and drop off the machine, but it was at my convenience. And I didn't have £100 to spend on paying someone else. I've hired a Karcher from HSS in the past: Rug Doctor wins every time!

erin99 Mon 10-Nov-14 20:54:24

It was worth it to you PrimalLass but not everyone has £100 to spend. The whole point of DIY is that your labour time is "free" so it works out cheaper in actual cash.

I'd have been gutted to see the £35 carpet cleaning deal too, but I've never seen one myself.

PrimalLass Mon 10-Nov-14 23:19:37

erin and wowfudge, the OP asked if people would recommend it. Me saying "not really" is not meant as a personal affront to those who do. Surely all opinions are welcome?

PrimalLass Mon 10-Nov-14 23:24:04

Here. Three for £60. Just an example.

I might use Rug Doctor again, who knows (and will definitely remember the Persil tip - thanks). It has been years, and maybe it doesn't leave the carpets so wet these days. All I know is that it was a pain for ME, and cost about £50 inc all the shampoo.

TooMuchCantBreathe Mon 10-Nov-14 23:37:27

I swear by the rug doctor, I hire one every spring and spend an afternoon. Everywhere looks fab and smells great. With it being yours for a day you can do extras, I try to squeeze in the car upholstery and always do the mattresses. I agree about the shampoo, it's expensive and there are alternatives.

Usually if we can plan it right mum and I split a 48hr hire and get both houses done which makes it even cheaper smile

erin99 Mon 10-Nov-14 23:50:45

I was responding to your initial comment that it was just as cheap to get carpet cleaners in. Of course it's valid that you don't think it's value for money, but it's not likely that the OP could go out tomorrow and get her carpets all professionally cleaned for £25, with same day service.

PrimalLass Tue 11-Nov-14 09:43:33

But is it £25? I thought it was that for the machine plus the shampoo. As I said, for a 1-bed flat I think I needed 2 x shampoo at a tenner each. Persil aside, as my first comments was before that was mentioned.

Plus it took me hours, and took a week to dry. In a heatwave.

But I might go for Rug Doctor for our upstairs rooms if the system has improved over that last 10 years.

PrimalLass Tue 11-Nov-14 09:44:04

*as in the shampoo was extra to the £25

wowfudge Tue 11-Nov-14 10:29:59

My experience last week was: 24 hour hire @ �22, picked up at midday. Bottle of Persil small and mighty at �5 and I used less than half. All carpets listed in previous post cleaned in 6.5 hour window between other jobs - for example I vacuumed then cleaned each bedroom in turn. Then washed down walls and woodwork on landing, vacuumed and then cleaned carpet. Living room I cleaned, including sugar soaping filthy walls, then did carpet, finishing at 7.30pm enabling me to return the RD to B&Q before they shut at 8pm.

The bedroom carpets which I did first were pretty much dry by the time I finished the living room - I did a check to see if anything needed going over again. The living room carpet was dry by the next evening when I returned. I appreciate it takes longer if you are having to move furniture, etc but I find a RD has impressive cleaning power. Just wish it had a bigger dirty water tank so it didn't need emptying as frequently.

PrimalLass Tue 11-Nov-14 10:40:01

Glad they have got better then and I will remember the Persil tip. The drying time was a major problem when I used it. I was not staying in the flat and came back a few days later and the carpets were still soaking, which made them smell.

BigRedBall Tue 11-Nov-14 12:06:55

If I get a bottle of persil small and mighty, will it remove paint stains? We've ended up getting a few splodges of Matt emulsion and gloss on the stairs. Worried if I don't buy the real RD detergent it won't work.

wowfudge Tue 11-Nov-14 13:46:32

Not sure if anything will shift dried on paint - you'd need to pre-treat that what ever detergent you used - perhaps with a small stiff brush and some washing up liquid to soften it and then scrape it off?

I was a bit concerned about using Persil, but it was so highly recommended on other threads I decided to 'risk' it. The RD literature, etc says you should only use their detergent, but tbh it would do, wouldn't it? The important thing is not to get foam in the machine. I used about half a Persil Small & Mightly dosing ball - which comes with the detergent - of the bio liquid (I figured that would work best on stains and smells as there had been pets in the house) to the 9L of warm water, mixed in a bucket and poured into the red tank. To mix it, I put the persil in and then filled the bucket with water.

When you hire a machine, they'll try to flog you the detergent - just tell them you've got some left over from last time you hired one!

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