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Help! Getting a cleaner - what products/equipment to supply

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parques Thu 06-Nov-14 22:43:01

Finally thought 'sod it!' and decided to get a cleaner and they apparently use the products in your home - i.e. I need to supply. What do I need? Usually make do with baby wipes blush. Obviously I'll need more than this for the cleaner. Suggestions would be great. Thank you

tywysogesgymraeg Thu 06-Nov-14 22:43:51

Mine brings everything. I don't supply anything.

tshirtsuntan Fri 07-Nov-14 14:47:08

All I (and my cleaner) use is flash liquid for hard floors, cif cream for kitchen/bathrooms, bleach or loo cleaner for down toilets and some kind of spray polish for dusting. You'll also need to supply cloths and dusters and a mop and bucket as well as your hoover.

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