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Best hob cleaner

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duzzlightyearsmum Wed 05-Nov-14 11:43:59

Got an electric hob and it's proving a nightmare to clean, best product for the job? Xxx

mouselittle Wed 05-Nov-14 12:59:20

bar keepers friend. I used to get it in the supermarket but lately have only been able to buy online.
its great for lots of other household jobs too.

nottheOP Wed 05-Nov-14 13:00:24

YOu can get it in John Lewis. I came on to say the same thing

hollyisalovelyname Wed 05-Nov-14 18:38:45

Astonish in a tub.

foreverton Fri 07-Nov-14 06:58:13

Failing the above, good old cif! Always makes my hob sparklesmile

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