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How much would you pay me for cleaning?

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Lottie4 Mon 03-Nov-14 09:57:43

I'm thinking of advertising my services as a cleaner locally. I haven't done cleaning as a job before. I would be able to supply a couple of references from friends who've known me a long time and all work for reputable companies. I'm trustworthy, reliable and feel I'm a hardworker. How much would you pay me?

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Mon 03-Nov-14 09:59:55

Depends on the going rate locally. Around here it's about £10 ph for self employed, can be up to £25ph (!) for agency.

Chaby Mon 03-Nov-14 10:00:22

the going rate in my area is £10 per hour

Asteria Mon 03-Nov-14 10:09:08

£10 per hour (rounded to the nearest half hour) was what I got, but that was about 5 years ago.

QuicheConverter Mon 03-Nov-14 10:10:35

We pay £11/hour

ArthurShappey Mon 03-Nov-14 10:11:30

The rate here is typically £12-15 per hour.

DiaDuit Mon 03-Nov-14 10:13:53

Entirely depends on local rates tbh.

CheeseEqualsHappiness Mon 03-Nov-14 10:15:16

Yet getting some prices from local cleaners in your area

dibdobs Sat 08-Nov-14 10:03:18

My main cleaning job is £9 an hour but it is for 20 hours and my other two are £10 an hour in the SW.

WaitingForMe Sat 08-Nov-14 10:11:35

It depends if you can utilise a niche. A friend of mine runs a green cleaning agency which helps her corporate clients meet certain standards for environmental issues. They pay her a lot because she looks after the paperwork for the cleaning materials used.

She started out as a one woman organisation and charges around £17 p/h.

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