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Three 'humane' traps, one night, two mice!

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Fontella Fri 31-Oct-14 06:42:33

I wrote a few months back about our 'mouse'. Well it appears it's 'mice' and I've just caught two of them. shock

I'm sat here at 6.20am unable to go back to sleep - woke daughter up at the crack of dawn to carry the traps outside ready for my (pre-warned) neighbour to take the mice and release into the woods when she gets up for work. I can't even touch the bloody closed trap I'm that terrified of the contents, let alone open it up and watch them run away!

I can pick up the biggest spider but mice just make me go weak at the knees. Up until a day or so ago I wasn't even sure if we had mice or not. And whether the 'mouse' seen all those months ago was an occasional visitor or had left of it's own accord. No sightings, just occasional 'did I, didn't I' glimpses of 'something' left us unsure. Many weeks would pass in between these glimpses and no other evidence around the place of mice activity - no droppings or knawings or anything like that. Then, evening before last, sat in my lounge - one ran straight out in front of me, so I knew there was no longer any doubt.

I had one humane trap already called a trip-trap which, despite having excellent reviews on Amazon has caught eff all for me in all the months I've had it. Yesterday morning I bought two more humane traps from the local hardmonger's for £2.99 each - these. Baited all three traps with peanut butter and placed strategically.

Just went down and the two new traps have both been triggered and have mice in them. The 'trip-trap' is empty.

I'd made up my mind yesterday that I was going to have one more go at catching them humanely but if not, then it would be conventional mouse traps, poison, calling out the council vermin man .... or whatever was required to get rid. Thankfully, the two new traps appear to have worked, so I will be baiting them again as soon as they've been emptied and see how many more mice I catch.

Can't believe I've lived with these little fuckers in my house for all these months without really knowing for sure they were there. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Anyway, if you've got mice and don't fancy killing them, I can recommend those 'live capture' traps. The trip-trap (more expensive and better online reviews) not so good, at least not for me.

Fontella Fri 31-Oct-14 06:47:23

The 'trip-trap' link appears not to work above so here it is:

Excellent user reviews online - but hasn't worked for me, whereas the two cheaper traps purchased yesterday have both caught mice.

specialsubject Fri 31-Oct-14 09:15:35

guessing you are probably just selling nouse traps- but in case you aren't, remember to take the mice at least a mile from the house before release or they will be back.

also look for how they get in, clear up all loose food, keep food in containers.

500smiles Fri 31-Oct-14 09:23:21

Forget traps you need a cat!

Fontella Fri 31-Oct-14 10:16:56

No I am NOT selling mousetraps!!!

I am a long term poster with a mouse problem which I have posted about before.

Glimpses are rare, so I wasn't entirely sure but two nights ago one ran out into the middle of the lounge floor and I couldn't ignore it any longer because I have a pathological fear of the little bleeders!

After sitting up half the night reading up how to get rid of mice, looking at products, reading loads of reviews etc online and watching youtube videos, I went to my local hardware shop yesterday and bought those two traps I mentioned, which were the only ones they had, with not much hope that they would work. The other trap I'd had for months hadn't worked and that was a more expensive option and had good reviews so I didn't think the cheaper, poorly reviewed ones would be any good.

However, one night down and I got mice in both, and the point I was making is that the product that gets good reviews hasn't worked for me, but the one that has mainly negative reviews worked a treat! I thought that by posting the links it might be helpful to anyone else in the same boat as me who, if possible, wanted to avoid killing the mice. If these traps hadn't worked, that would have been my next step and it still will be, if the humane traps fail to eradicate the problem.

Plenty of people post links to products on here - doesn't mean they are selling the product ffs!

Quitelikely Fri 31-Oct-14 18:52:44

I second borrowing a cat! It will soon sniff out the area. Then you need to get it cemented over if you can discover where they are getting in.

They breed swiftly so don't delay!

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