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Changing from gas to electric cooker

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iwantgin Tue 28-Oct-14 12:33:31

We have freestanding gas cooker - and I would like to change over to electric.

I know that we will have to have the new electric cooker hardwired into a new socket ? But what happens to the old gas pipe?

Do I have to contract both an electrician AND a gas fitter on the same day?

I haven't ordered a new cooker yet as want to check how complicated it is. I have usualy been happy with using gas previously - but I think the supply at this house is quite weak, as despite a relatively new, mid priced cooker it takes a longer time to cook than I am used to.

Also - Induction or Ceramic? I see that induction hobs are a little more expensive - are they that much better?

Bunbaker Tue 28-Oct-14 12:39:49

I have always cooked on gas and hate cooking on electric hobs. If we didn't have mains gas I would get an induction hob because they are as responsive as gas hobs.

I cook on an old fashioned electric hob at MIL's and am always boiling stuff over and taking too long to cook a meal because the hob takes three weeks to heat up and as long to cool down.

If you get an induction hob you will need to make sure your pans are magnetic or they won't work.

As far as disconnecting your gas cooker is concerned I think you need a qualified gas fitter to do that.

iwantgin Tue 28-Oct-14 12:43:31

Thanks bunbaker

Yes, I have always had gas hobs up until now. I don't mind buying a new set of pans too though if I do go for induction hob.

I think it is my turn to cook Xmas dinner - and it is tricky cooking for 13 when the oven isn't fast enough to cope!

Bunbaker Tue 28-Oct-14 12:46:27

I know a couple of people who have gone from gas to electric and they have induction hobs and rave about them.

iwantgin Tue 28-Oct-14 12:52:37

Sounds promising then.

Will look into it further.

thanks for your advice.

specialsubject Tue 28-Oct-14 13:11:49

before you do this: 'weak' gas supply? I don't think so.

duff installation, possibly - wrong pipes etc. Would be well worth getting a gas safe person to check what is going on.

sourdrawers Tue 28-Oct-14 13:28:29

You don't necessarily have to have the new elec' cooker going into it's own isolator. My one just plugs in. You can just cap off the gas pipe. Switch gas off, cap on done!

larryphilanddave Tue 28-Oct-14 18:06:29

Induction hobs get rave reviews from the people I know who have them. However I would also add that a decent ceramic can be really good too. I used gas for years at home, then left home and had standard electric hobs or cheap/poor functioning ceramic (or halogen? No idea, black glass ones!). They were awful and took ages to cook on, even basic frying or boiling. I thought I could never be without gas again.

Well, current property and previous both had decent ceramic hobs installed (we rent). They are really good, cooking on them is just as fine as it was with gas, but these are much easier to clean, they're even surprisingly responsive. If we ever get our own place I'll be looking into induction and ceramic, not gas.

Just to reassure you that even if you're used to gas cooking, you could easily enjoy induction or ceramic.

Also as it's freestanding is you're oven gas too? A good electric fan oven would be a great replacement, ime.

iwantgin Tue 28-Oct-14 19:06:54

Thanks for the replies.

Yes larry it is the oven I have issues with actually. I can manage the hob- but the oven takes an age to get hot.

Am researching still smile

wowfudge Tue 28-Oct-14 19:36:43

I think your gas oven is faulty in some way. Is it still under warranty and have you been following the instructions? Sorry - I don't want to insult you, but there may be something basic that needs looking at.

Bunbaker Tue 28-Oct-14 19:56:55

"Also as it's freestanding is you're oven gas too? A good electric fan oven would be a great replacement, ime.'

IMO a gas oven is more versatile. I find the different temperature zones in a gas oven a positive aspect as I can cook things that need different temperatures at the same time.

Also, a gas oven makes far better cakes IMO. My cakes are always light and moist.

RaisingSteam Sat 01-Nov-14 09:09:44

Actually I went from all gas to dual fuel with a fan oven and no regrets. My last gas oven was the worst I've ever had, so zoned that it would cook the top of the cake more than the bottom, never knew what temperature was where, blew out when you looked at it, hard to light the burners, but the clincher was not having a proper switch on/switch off timer.

It's true about the cakes but you just have to reduce the temperature and cooking time. But cakes are a special occasion for me and everyday cooking was driving me mad.

What cooker is it out of interest? My disappointing one was a Stoves, changed it for a Cannon which I'm very happy with.

SueDunome Sat 01-Nov-14 20:30:06

Induction hobs are the new gas. Extremely efficient, can boil water faster than a kettle. No energy waste as only the part of the ring underneath the pan is heated. The ring cuts out as soon as the pan is lifted from it. Induction hobs are sleek and beautiful too and very easy to clean. The downside is you may need to buy new pans.

catslife Sun 02-Nov-14 14:36:36

We swapped from gas to electric fan oven. You do need to have a qualified gas person to disconnect (and cap off) the gas pipe.
We ordered our new cooker through John Lewis and paid a bit extra for their fitting service. They found us a fitter who was qualified to do both the gas and electrical work which was well worth it.

agoodbook Sun 02-Nov-14 22:52:51

I have a fabulous free standing aeg cooker- bought about a year ago - double oven and induction hob, and yes I rave about it. I bought this specific one as it had the biggest oven possible in a 60 cm wide free standing oven. Just a few minor niggles on the controls for the 2 ovens ( can't see both oven temps at once for example) but aside from that wow! best thing ever- I can put a timer on each separate ring so can do other things, and it switches itself off! More responsive than my old gas hob -it was a bonus to buy new pans .

MsMarple Sun 02-Nov-14 23:09:41

I switched from gas to electric a few years ago when my gas one broke down, and I've found it brilliant. Ceramic hob, so not even fancy induction stuff, but heats up quickly, and turns down responsively - nothing at all like my Nan's old spiral rings.
It is super easy to clean, but for me the best thing is that, as my second child now goes through the manic button pressing, knob turning, phase I can just flick a switch above the counter, and the whole thing turns off - much less stressful than gas!

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