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Dishwasher help please

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HexBramble Tue 28-Oct-14 07:38:32

All my glasses come out of the dishwasher with tiny food particles stuck at the bottom of the glass - clusters of debris that get dried on by the end of the cycle. I'm about to strip it down, rinse trough the 'blades/washers' inside, check salt.

What else can I do? This is a regular problem.

EldonAve Tue 28-Oct-14 07:59:16

Buy & use a DW cleaning product

Do you rinse all the dishes before they go in the DW?

Check that your DW is using the rinse aid

HexBramble Tue 28-Oct-14 08:35:11

Is rinse aid the liquid stuff? I never use it tbh.

PigletJohn Tue 28-Oct-14 10:43:03

Clean the filters. There may be three. If you have lost the instructions, download them from the makers website.

It is also possible that you may have food particles in the spinning arms. Take them off, wash and shake them in the sink.

You should use salt and rinse aid, all-in-one tablets do not get such good results.

A few brands of tablets, such as Morrisons all in one, are very bad. Asda, Waitrose and Ecover are poor.

Aldi, Lidl and Fairy Platinum are the best all-in-one tablets..

wowfudge Tue 28-Oct-14 11:11:12

Are you stacking the machine correctly or just putting too much in? I live in an area with very soft water so no salt needed and the filters are clean in our DW. However, if I put too much in, especially in the top basket, I get the residue you describe in mugs and glasses which are in the top basket. I think it is down to the water not being able to circulate properly so rinsing is inadequate.

HexBramble Tue 28-Oct-14 12:29:21

Everyone - thanks so much. I've take the spinning things off and scrubbed then with an old toothbrush then flushed them through. All good there. I've also taken the plastic micro grid thingie and the filter (basket shaped) beneath it off - was horrified when I saw the grey sludge beneath it. Hot wash and cleaner popped in.

I use salt and the Lidl tablets so all good there. Rinse aid on list today. The only thing is, the clip cover for this rinse is has snapped off so it flaps open constantly. Great!

HexBramble Tue 28-Oct-14 12:31:13

PigletJohn, I think I will download the instructions. I can only see one, I think. Thanks loads for helping.

PigletJohn Tue 28-Oct-14 12:47:30

you mentioned grey sludge. This can be paper labels washing off and breaking up. Paper does cause clogs and blockages. Keep looking under the filters, and washing the gauze in the sink.

AMumInScotland Tue 28-Oct-14 13:17:25

One thing that I spotted recently in mine - it has two positions for the upper basket, and was in the lower one - when I put big plates in the bottom, the spinning arm ws hitting the plates and not actually going round to do its job. blush I hate to think how long it's been failing to properly wash my glases...

HexBramble Tue 28-Oct-14 22:06:03

PigletJohn thanks, that's really useful info.

MuminScotland - thanks - I've been caught out with that with a previous DW so lesson learned!

specialsubject Thu 30-Oct-14 10:09:36

rinse aid, definitely.

also check that you've actually pushed the upper basket far enough back, so that the upper spray arm is getting water. This was the answer to the problem in my dishwasher.

dishwasher kit for under a fiver from Wilkinsons - tablets, rinse aid, salt.

hugoagogo Thu 30-Oct-14 10:23:09

I get this sometimes, usually after we have fajitas. If is every time, then yes rinse aid will help.

It's weird that PJ says Morrison's all in one tabs are 'very bad' I have found them to be the best and search them out- maybe they just suit Yorkshire soft water?

EmGee Thu 30-Oct-14 14:40:39

I had the same problem (despite having a newish machine, using rinse aid, salt and doing monthly hot maintenance wash) and eventually called out the maintenance guy. Very embarrassingly I hadn't got the bottom bit fastened properly so during the wash, it would let all the dirty water wash around. It looked like I had it in the right place but I hadn't noticed it wasn't fixed in securely. Can't explain which bit but it was the bit around the filter that needs to be locked into place. I felt a right wally sad

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