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Double oven v Two single ovens

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DottiestDoris Wed 22-Oct-14 12:27:50

Hi all. We're ordering a new kitchen for the house we've just moved into. I am having an inbuilt raised oven but my current dilemma is whether to get a double oven or two single ovens.
We haven't got a huge budget, but I do cook a lot, cooking fresh every day for DH, 2xDS and me plus regular guests, and so the oven/s are very important.
I love the thought of the luxury of either option which I've never had before, but want to get it as perfect as possible. So:
I'm worried about the size restriction of the top oven on a double. Sunday Roasts and Christmas would be the main uses I think, as well as the grill once in as while, so it needs room for roast potatoes and yorkshires. Lots that we've seen look like this would be a squeeze. Does this indicate two single ovens would be best for us?
If I got two single ovens, what is the norm? Do you get the same oven, twice? Is it odd to have, say, a Bosch over a Neff (randomly chosen!) just because I can't decide which? confused Is it excessive for a weekly use,at best?

If it were you, what would you do, and please feel free to contribute about fan / multi ovens too, as I'm undecided here as well.

Thank you

georgedawes Wed 22-Oct-14 12:31:17

We got a single oven and microwave combination oven, really glad we did. Saves counter space for a microwave and is an extra oven too, it's used multiple times a day. Really pleased didn't get a double oven, despite the extra cost.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Wed 22-Oct-14 12:36:06

I'd go for a double oven, particularly if you like to cook.
a) you have more space
b) you can save electricity costs by just heating up the small oven if you don't need the big one
c) you can cook pudding and meat separately, without the flavour of one contaminating the other
d) you can use one as a warming cabinet to keep stuff warm until everything is ready to serve, whilst still cooking in the other.

I don't think I could manage without a double oven, though I use the small oven far more than I use the bigger one.

I rarely use our microwave.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Wed 22-Oct-14 12:37:44

PS - ours is a Neff, and it's fab. More than 14 years old, was in house when we moved in, and no problems with it at all. I know loads of people who swear by a Neff.

DottiestDoris Wed 22-Oct-14 12:44:28

Thanks george, counter space is at a premium and I was wondering where to best hide our (large but rarely used) microwave, so a combination oven would solve that.
Middleaged, I think I'm edging towards a Neff as I have never read a bad review. From what you've said, a double oven is preferable to ONE single oven, but what advantages over two? Although I do take the point that it would be cheaper to use a small oven where possible rather than heating up a full size one. Do you ever find the small oven not big enough when using both in tandem?

Sidge Wed 22-Oct-14 12:47:40

We're doing our kitchen and getting a single Neff oven with a Neff combination microwave/oven, so potential for grilling/baking/microwaving/defrosting etc within that.

It's not a cheap option but not hugely more expensive than an integrated double oven, which is what we had planned to do.

georgedawes Wed 22-Oct-14 14:40:15

That's what we did sidge, and I really recommend it. All the advantages of 2 ovens and an excellent microwave too, it defrosts meat without cooking it. We got Siemens and I really am impressed with the quality.

DottiestDoris Wed 22-Oct-14 15:16:04

This is REALLY helpful, thank you everyone thanks

cheerupandhaveaglassofwine Wed 22-Oct-14 15:24:23

If you get a double oven and in a couple of years time it goes band and stops working you are stuck without an oven

If you get 2 single and one stops working one day you can still function without a problem while getting another

If space is an issue then probably a double but if not then 2 singles

DottiestDoris Wed 22-Oct-14 16:32:01

Nope, space is not an issue as the kitchen design is not finalised yet.
Has anybody got two single ovens that don't include a combination microwave/oven? I don't know what people tend to do, have two identical ovens?

wonkylegs Wed 22-Oct-14 16:47:01

Our kitchen had a good neff double oven before we re-did it last year. Great oven but the small oven was just a bit tiny.
So when we re-did it we got 2 neff single ovens stacked. The top one had a slide n'hide door to give better access the other one has identical functions but with a regular door. I've had it nearly a year now and I'm very happy with my choice.

DottiestDoris Wed 22-Oct-14 17:22:56

Neff is definitely popular...

Littlefish Wed 22-Oct-14 17:39:20

I have two single ovens, side by side, with an elongated hob built into the work surface above. I absolutely love the arrangement. I tend to use the right hand oven for cooking meat, lasagne, casseroles and the left for cakes, bread, puddings etc. It means that only the right hand cooker gets really dirty and smelly , so I clean that one regularly and just wipe the other one occasionally.

It also means that I have 2 grills which I can set to different temperatures if necessary.

Mine are both AEG and can be either fan or non fan operated.

LKbabyH Wed 22-Oct-14 21:38:10

If you have the space, 2 full size ones are a dream when cooking for family plus guests. We have 2 and definitely don't regret it.

LKbabyH Wed 22-Oct-14 21:41:07

Forgot to say, have used both options you suggest. I had a double oven in the past.

DottiestDoris Thu 23-Oct-14 09:38:34

Excellent, thanks all. We're going for two singles, Neff if we can afford it. But still deciding if we use a microwave enough to warrant a combination oven on the top.

NotMrsTumble Thu 23-Oct-14 09:45:34

I have two neff singles and an in built neff microwave combination oven. Though I rarely use the oven function on the microwave, it is occasionally invaluable (dinner parties, Christmas). The two neff singles are a fairly basic model, but came in cheaper than the all singing double I was looking at. The neff combi microwave was more than both ovens though shock.

donnellygi Wed 21-Jun-17 23:08:17

Hi. I am renovating my kitchen and planned on having 2 single ovens. I was talking to the electrician over the phone and he suggested that we may not have sufficient power coming into the house. We currently have 1 single electric oven and 1 induction hob.
Did anyone else encounter an issues with the power supply /wiring

5OBalesofHay Wed 21-Jun-17 23:16:08

I have two eye level double ovens side by side. I fucking love the arrangement. I also augment with baking trays that fit the shelf supports. If you have room you won't regret it

sysysysref Wed 21-Jun-17 23:25:04

I'm having a new kitchen and going for 2 single Neff ovens. I had a double before and found that the top oven was a bit small and also as it wasn't a fan oven it often didn't cook quickly enough

haggisaggis Thu 05-Oct-17 16:38:31

Resurrecting this as I have a similar dilemma - trying to decide between 2 ovens side by side and a separate microwave- or 1 oven and a combo microwave. Those of you with combos - can you use the grill then immediately use the microwave. We had one before where the grill had to cool down completely before using the microwave.

HunkyDory69 Sun 08-Oct-17 23:26:09

We have 2 single eye level. I specifically did not choose to have a combination microwave for one of them as more than 5 microwaves have died in the last 2 decades for me, & I couldn't face the hassle of replacing such an expensive item.

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