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Laundry and deodorant help please

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Itsfab Tue 21-Oct-14 17:46:12

I am noticing that when I am ironing Dh and the DCs shirts the heat from the iron makes the shirts give off a less than fragrant odour. Clearly that detergent isn't sufficient. Another shirt I ironed tonight smelt of the bold capsule I washed it in which is fine. The others were washed in persil powder.

DS uses Lynx. DD uses kids fresh from boots or sanex. She takes offence whenever I mention she isn't as fresh smelling as could be.

Do I need to wash at a higher temp, use different detergent or something else and what can I do about DD who has only just stopped moaning about having to shower daily and "doesn't care" if she is the smelly kid who gets teased. Clearly I care and make her wash but the laundry is also a problem.

Missingsleepandthecat Tue 21-Oct-14 20:08:16

What temperature do you use and what cycle?
Also, give Ariel bio a go if you can, I found that did a great job on lifting smells out of DS1's sports kit

Itsfab Tue 21-Oct-14 20:35:08

It is mixed fabrics at 40 degrees.

I have always used non bio as scared of bio when the kids were little and for years used fairy. Not good enough on my kids now so I use whatever is on offer. Went on to persil powder as I wash so much I need to save as I usually buy the capsules which are expensive.

It is only the shirts that give off a pong.

Penfold007 Tue 21-Oct-14 20:49:22

Both the products you mention are deodorants not antiperspirants so nasty niffs will occur. Sadly with the laundry products in the UK a 40% wash wont kill bacteria so as soon as you iron the shirts nasty niffs will make themselves known.
I prefer a hot wash for shirts and I'm a great fan of Dettol laundry additive, I'm sure there are other products. Make them use antiperspirant.

Owner of smelly teens sad(

squaredog Wed 22-Oct-14 09:45:21

You definitely need to wash at 60.

I found this with my sons shirts. The label said 40, but they still stank (sorry)........ So 60 it was, and voila!

I also used a bio powder, and he DOES use antiperspirant.

Good luck. It's a rank job.

scurryfunge Wed 22-Oct-14 09:48:59

I've started using the Dettol laundry cleanser. Seems to work, especially with smelly sports kit.

Itsfab Wed 22-Oct-14 12:55:36

I have bought Ariel liquid today to try. I wish I had half load so I could wash just the shirts on 60 but if that is what I have to do I will do it on full load. Four shirts to wash a day is not even half a load is it?

I thought deodorants and antiperspirant were joint now confused. Can you please recommend for a 11 year old girl and 13 year old boy, preferably nothing full of bad stuff as I am worried about stuff like that.

I will look for the Dettol liquid stuff. There are so many products now, is it obvious which is the right one?

Thanks everyone cake.

goodasitgets Wed 22-Oct-14 13:00:28

Use a higher temp and bio if you can. Don't add fabric conditioner as it holds the smell in. The dettol one is obvious yes, it's not cheap but you don't use much and it's generally on offer. Or you can use napisan - just soak the shirts for a bit then wash as above, add a little napisan to the wash

WhatWouldCaitlinDo Wed 22-Oct-14 13:03:30

I do shirts at 60, along with sheets and towels.

Be careful with napisan as it has bleach in it. Great for white shirts, not so hot for other colours. Not sure if Dettol has bleach too.

GobblersKnob Wed 22-Oct-14 13:08:41

Bio doesn't work as well at high temps, is kills the enzymes that break down the protiens to remove stains etc, it is designed to be used at low temperatures.

You need non-bio if you want to wash hot, but I think bio is more effective.

I think a lot of out is to do with the mixing of sweat and chemicals, I only use a natural deo and dp uses none, kids too little, and there are never any post-wash smells. I do remember when living with my ex though who used to use anti-perspirant, that his shirts and tops used to smell when ironed, and cine to think of out, I think mine did too when I had more chemically pits.

Itsfab Wed 22-Oct-14 13:14:56

I don't use fabric condition - DS reacted to all sorts when little and I felt it was a waste of money as well.

The Dettol stuff is as well as detergent?

The shirts are white (men) and light blue (DD) so will it still be okay? They are expensive for school - Grr - so don't' want to beach them.

GK - I am confused now wrt bio and non bio and what temp. I think DH and DS use Lynx and it isn't every time I get the smell. DS2 is too small so his school shirts are fine.

VirtualPointyHat Wed 22-Oct-14 13:15:46

If DS likes Lynx, then Lynx dry is an antiperspirant

ilovepowerhoop Wed 22-Oct-14 13:17:10

a cheaper option than the dettol stuff is a capful of zoflora in the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. I wash at 40 with bio powder.

You would have to check the tins of deodorant to see if they also have an anti-perspirant in them as some are just body sprays.

Sanex is an anti-perspirant but dont know about lynx/fresh kids stuff

ilovepowerhoop Wed 22-Oct-14 13:19:20

why would you be scared of bio? I have used bio since the kids were babies as you get better results with it. I always use powders.

Itsfab Wed 22-Oct-14 13:20:01

See, I am so stupid I thought deodorant stopped smells and antiperspirant stopped the sweating.

Grateful for recommendations,

Itsfab Wed 22-Oct-14 13:21:24

Bio seemed too strong when I was looking at my vulnerable baby. Probably no truth in it confusedblush.

treaclesoda Wed 22-Oct-14 13:28:43

Itsfab no, you're not stupid, you're right smile Anti perspirant does stop the sweating in the first place, and deodorant tackles the smell once you have actually perspired.

misscph1973 Wed 22-Oct-14 13:29:44

Try using vinegar instead of fabric conditioner, it's great for smells. Unlike fabric conditioner it removed lime scale rather than leave a layer of softener on the clothes. You simply buyt the cheapest malt or white vinegar you can find and fill the fabric conditioner compartment up with it. There will be a whiff of vinegar when you hang up the clothes, but ti will go with drying.

if you can be bothered, try smearing a few drops of dish washing liquid in the armpit of the shirts and leave over night before washing. Or soak in vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

ilovepowerhoop Wed 22-Oct-14 13:35:02

the deodorant will help cover up the smell but not actually stop the sweating. Anti-perspirants will help stop the sweating in the first place so less chance of smelling.

The enzymes in bio help break down food, grease, etc on the clothes and then they can be washed away.

Purpleroxy Wed 22-Oct-14 13:35:45

I would put Ariel non bio gel directly onto the shirts and wash a load of shirts at 60 degrees. Are the shirts white as they'll be better able to withstand harsher washing?

I would not wash the shirts in with other items.

Other than that, when you replace the shirts, you could get non iron ones. You don't even have to tumble them if you can't/don't want to, you can just hang them up as long as you get them out as soon as the washer bleeps and hang them carefully on a hanger. This is what we do with dh's - those shirts have never been ironed and he looks smart still.

RiverTam Wed 22-Oct-14 13:39:00

ilive - lots of babies can react to bio powders, DD did so we just use Fairy these days - I tried Persil (I think) non-bio when she was 3 and her skin flared up again, so sticking to Fairy. But I'm not bothered if stuff isn't whiter-than-white.

RiverTam Wed 22-Oct-14 13:39:32

ilove, sorry!

Itsfab Wed 22-Oct-14 13:40:23

I have just checked. DH has an anti-p, DD has deodorant and anti-p (2 products) and DS has deodorant. Which needs different stuff? {head spinning}

I have distilled malt vinegar which I use for cleaning - is that right for laundry?

I never had a mum to teach me all this stuff and are failing my kids too in knowing the right products to use sad.

ilovepowerhoop Wed 22-Oct-14 13:40:54

I have read that a lot of the time it is fragrances that people react to rather than the enzymes themselves. In other countries they dont even have an option of bio/non-bio, they just have bio stuff.

ilovepowerhoop Wed 22-Oct-14 13:43:16

I would get your ds an anti-perspirant - some lynx products have anti-p. You could try vinegar in the fabric softener bit alongside your usual detergent.

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