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Ikea integrated coffee machine - SMAKRIK any good?

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Briony32 Mon 20-Oct-14 10:45:46

I'm just about to have an Ikea kitchen fitted and I'm thinking of getting their integrated coffee machine for £300. I'm hoping it will add a touch of luxury to the kitchen and will attract buyers when I come to sell in a couple of years time. Has anyone got any words of advice/caution before I press go? Does it really make good coffee and will it be an eyesore after a while especially if it's hard to clean?

Lamb10 Tue 03-Feb-15 23:02:23

Did you end purchasing this? I'm pondering the idea to

Itwontletmenamechange Wed 04-Feb-15 05:56:54

It's ok. Makes good froth. However it takes up a lot of space and we just use our nespresso most of the time as it's easier

Eamon Sun 22-Feb-15 20:36:11

I've been using my Smakrik for about 6 months. I love it, and I'm making really nice lattes, but it's not for everyone...

The cons:
-It's the full width and depth of a kitchen wall cabinet, so it takes up a chunk of your storage space.
-it doesn't grind your beans, it's just a basic espresso maker with a milk frother.
-it doesn't do anything automatically, so you have to read the instructions and actually learn the best way to use it. It takes practice.
-it has a single boiler, which means the water is either at coffee making temperature or milk frothing temperature so you have to wait for the temp to change during the coffee making process. (But I have found a way round that)
-if it's installed in a wall cabinet above a worktop it might not be at a comfortable height to use, especially for milk frothing where it helps if you can look down into the milk jug as you steam. I'm 6' 1" and I find I'm on my tip toes in order to look down into the milk jug.
-Like a lot of domestic machines it has a plastic steam wand with an air hole to make frothing easier. But I find it tricky to make that nice smooth latte milk, it tends to make bubbly froth. Great for cappuccino, not so good for fancy barista style latte art!

The pros:
- there are neat cubby holes each side for storing espresso cups, milk jugs, etc.
- it looks smart and is easy to clean.
- it doesn't take up space on the worktop.
- it actually works and is making fantastic espressos, cappuccinos and lattes (after some practice!).
- It's quite pricey at £300. That money can buy a pretty decent bean to cup machine.

Hope all that helps, when I was planning my kitchen I struggled to find any info on it.

I'm off for a coffee...

Briony32 Tue 09-Jun-15 13:49:21

Just seen the reply to this. Thanks for the detail Eamon. We did go ahead and get one fitted and are pretty pleased with it. It does make a mean coffee, and has stopped me from doing runs to Waitrose for a free coffee!! blush.
Saying that, I kind of haven't been bothered to work out out to use it properly. It is relatively easy and I have instructions written out to help me but I still sometimes reach for the instant, and wait for my husband to make me a 'proper coffee'. Visitors have been impressed by it though.

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