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Hemnes or Brimnes?

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QuicheConverter Thu 09-Oct-14 20:59:52

We are redoing dd1's bedroom and need to buy a new bed. We live far from family and often have them to stay so need flexibility in bedrooms. Am considering these beds from ikea but would love to hear feedback?

Sylviet Sat 18-Oct-14 15:30:14


LumionaMoonsplash Sat 18-Oct-14 15:39:50

We have the Hemnes double bed, I love it. Very solid, simple styling which doesn't really outdate. I can't remember which mattress we have but we have the foan topper. Just remember that you'll need to buy bed sheets from ikea as they are slightly bigger european sizes.

TranquilityofSolitude Mon 20-Oct-14 09:32:33

DD1 has the Hemnes day bed with 3 drawers. It's very good but was difficult to build - allow lots of time and make sure you understand how the guest bed pulls out before you start. The slats interlock in a very clever way but I struggled a bit with the construction of that part.

I bought the mattress that goes with it but in fact we found that the mattress she already had fitted well, so we took it back for a refund.

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Mon 20-Oct-14 12:59:23

Hemnes is sturdier and better quality (I think it is made of real wood).
Brimnes is OK but rather flimsy.

I wanted the Hemnes day bed with 3 drawers but had to buy a Brimnes instead because it was cheaper.

QuicheConverter Thu 30-Oct-14 09:18:47

That's where I'm at santas, the hemnes is so much more expensive and I don't know if it's better enough if yswim?

Still dithering, the delivery costs are so high too!!

cloutiedumpling Thu 30-Oct-14 19:07:03

Our house is full of ikea furniture. DH said the hemnes daybed was the hardest thing he has ever built from ikea and that he wishes we'd paid them to build it for us. Looks good though and is very sturdy.

QuicheConverter Thu 30-Oct-14 19:09:45

Having looked at them (online) again I can see that the Hemnes looks a lot sturdier. Am leaning towards that.

DH is up for the assembly challenge. I shall do my bit by taking the dcs out!

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