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is your heating on yet?

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elvenbread Tue 07-Oct-14 19:06:14

Please help me solve an argument. I have a jumper on. It's chilly but not too cold yet. My flatmate thinks I should be happy to spend a fortune on heating. It's only early October but I'm not sure if it's just me being a Northerner!

LondonRocks Tue 07-Oct-14 19:06:43

Heating is on. I hate being cold.

Sparklingbrook Tue 07-Oct-14 19:07:17

Nope. 5th November at the earliest. I have put a cardi on.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 07-Oct-14 19:07:19

It is freezing here. I've lit the fire!

Kbear Tue 07-Oct-14 19:07:27

Heating on here....<lightweight southerners>

nethunsreject Tue 07-Oct-14 19:07:28

Ours is on as of tonight and I'm a hardy scot!

Chottie Tue 07-Oct-14 19:07:47

Yep, heating is on here too. I don't go by the month, but by the temperature. I live in the south too.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 07-Oct-14 19:07:48

I also have a big cardi & thick socks on.

BetweenTwoLungs Tue 07-Oct-14 19:08:15

Heating on here too. A jumper can work but it's been really grim here and a jumper doesn't help your hands. I hate cold hands.

treaclesoda Tue 07-Oct-14 19:08:38

I've had ours on but that's mainly because I have no hot water unless the heating is on.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 07-Oct-14 19:08:54

I'm a northerner in the south

BiggerYellowTaxi Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:03

Yep, my heating is on. We put it on for the first time yesterday. But it is quite cold where we are (Northeast England). My DH is very tight and he's the one who turned it on yesterday.

CatKisser Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:05

No central heating here sad
Ive had two fires so far, but more because I was bored than cold. Tonight I'm feeling a bit chilly for the first time. Can;t be arsed to light the fire though, it;s a right ballache.

StrawberryCheese Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:05

I am very stubborn when it comes to heating. It has to be Baltic outside and everyone should be wearing a jumper before it goes on. I'm sat under a blanket and will be until November.

FairyBiker Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:31

Yes but only on the last half hour.

Moghedien Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:38

Scotland here too, ours is on but only for an hour. Was frosty this morning.

I just go for extra jumpers and blankets, I'd lose a toe to frostbite before putting it on for me but DH feels the cold and it aggravates a medical condition so once he gets home it goes on.

ChuckitintheBucket Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:49

Heating on here. I refuse to be cold in my own home.

EggsAreRound Tue 07-Oct-14 19:09:52

No heating on here, but it's still pretty mild (just under 15C currently).

lucysmam Tue 07-Oct-14 19:10:03

We had it on for an hour earlier on and will probably have another hour later. It's getting colder now sad

MrsPresley Tue 07-Oct-14 19:10:07

I had it on for a couple of hours last night!

Unusual for me because I'm normally the one here who doesn't feel the cold as much. Been ok today though, no heating on at all.

HopeAndStories Tue 07-Oct-14 19:10:12

Yep, I've had it on a bit lately. It's been on all day today.

elvenbread Tue 07-Oct-14 19:10:47

I agree with the November people! Next time I rent a room they are sharing the bloody bills!

Munchmallow Tue 07-Oct-14 19:12:02

Yes, it's cold here. And my old house complains by growing mould all over the place if I don't heat it, otherwise I'd put on more layers and fill a hot water bottle.

MirandaWest Tue 07-Oct-14 19:12:30

I've put the thermostat up to 16 degrees so yes it has been on, although not very much. Feel a bit nesh now so may put it back down to 14 again.

HoneyTits Tue 07-Oct-14 19:12:40

I was going to see how long I could leave it off (hoping to last until at least early Nov) and last week was quite nice, I'd say t-shirt weather but the last 2 days have been quite cold so I put the heating on this morning for an hour.

I've got the heating on timer for in the morning but not sure weather to brave it or start warming the house up ready for the cold setting in.

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