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DISHWASHER SALT!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Mascaraohara Tue 26-Sep-06 12:16:58

where the bloody hell do you buy it from????

zippitippitoes Tue 26-Sep-06 12:17:46

tesco own from tesco

Piffle Tue 26-Sep-06 12:17:51


Mascaraohara Tue 26-Sep-06 12:18:13

couldn't find it in there anywhere...

charliecat Tue 26-Sep-06 12:19:02

If you use finish 5 in 1 do you have to use it?

Mascaraohara Tue 26-Sep-06 13:36:20

Well when I bough tmy DW (about 4.5 years ago) I was told to test the water and if it between a certain range I wouldn't need salt... SO it was in the range and I never bought salt. Earlier this year I had a prob with it and had somebody out, he told me that what I had been told was rubbish and couldn't believe I never used salt.. he basically said that it he was surprised it was still running and that I should never let it run out fo salt... regardless of what tablets and sales peole say..

Mascaraohara Tue 26-Sep-06 13:36:55

so it ran out of salt weeks ago and I've been looking for some since but can't find any of the bloody stuff.

Coolmama Tue 26-Sep-06 15:03:22

dishwasher salt is normally stocked next to the dishwashing tablets, rinse aid etc -

IdrisTheDragon Tue 26-Sep-06 15:08:15

They sell it in Morrisons (or at least that's where I buy it from )

zippitippitoes Tue 26-Sep-06 15:08:58

how did you test the water?

Gingerbear Tue 26-Sep-06 15:10:19

it is normally next to the tablets, rinse aid etc in supermarket. I have used table salt before now if I have run out.

Mascaraohara Tue 26-Sep-06 15:13:12

Ooo the man told me not to use table salt.

I've looked with all the tablets etc maybe they had just run out???? I'll have another look next time.

As for testing the water, I think I got something from a hardware shop (similar thing to litmus(?) paper)

Gingerbear Tue 26-Sep-06 15:15:17

Oops! Why though? Is it not the same chemical (Sodium chloride)?

lucycat Tue 26-Sep-06 15:15:41

You can phone your water board (good luck with that btw) and they'll tell you what sort of water you have from your postcode.

Mind you if you try to phone United Utilites it'd be quicker to wash up by hand - forever!

Coolmama Tue 26-Sep-06 15:15:47

do not use table salt! - you will corrode your washing machine! -

IdrisTheDragon Tue 26-Sep-06 15:17:06

It comes in bags.

Gingerbear Tue 26-Sep-06 15:17:09

I am such as sad geek, I actually googled this one [hmm]

Gingerbear Tue 26-Sep-06 15:19:33

Dishwasher care alert - 3-in-1 tablets do NOT replenish the water softener - you still need to use granular salt.
I have learned something today.
Where would I be without mumsnet???

Mascaraohara Tue 26-Sep-06 15:20:57

Sorry am I the only one that thinks '' is funny?!?!?

Or maybe the man in the hardware shop told me what water.. I don't know?!?!? I think you can also find out whether you really need to use products like calgon etc... depending on your water type..

Bucketsofdinosaurs Tue 26-Sep-06 15:54:05

It's also a lot cheaper to buy ownbrand dishwasher salt, rinseaid and cheap and nasty dishwasher tablets (Poundshops and Savers chemists are great for these) than to buy Premium brand 5in1 nonsense.

Bucketsofdinosaurs Tue 26-Sep-06 15:56:51

To find out how hard or soft your water is have a look at your waterboard's website, there might be a map. All I know is Southampton's water is hard is nails and it's much softer in Devon.

eleanorsmum Tue 26-Sep-06 15:59:15

hi, we alwyas use water softener salt, it comes in big 25kg bags from our bathroom shop locally. try diy places etc for softener salt. its cubes of salt and it does fit the dishwashers fine. much cheaper than a bag of finnish from supermarket. we pay 6.95 for the 25kg bag, store the rest soemwhere dry like a garage.

zippitippitoes Tue 26-Sep-06 16:01:52

there's a little dial you set for how hard your water is and then the machine decides how quickly to use up your salt accordingly..I think we just guessed hard!

iota Tue 26-Sep-06 16:04:22

MOH - I can assure you that Tescos in Kingston sell bags of dishwasher salt I buy mine there.

BTW I use dw salt and rinse aid as well as use 3/4 in one tablets - givess much better result

KBear Tue 26-Sep-06 16:13:12

B&Q, Homebase etc sell big bags of it. Also try your local high street DIY shop.

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