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Exciting subject....floor mops!

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Rinkydinkypink Wed 03-Sep-14 04:44:53


Steamer is on my Christmas list but until then I need one. I have a sponge one now but its rubbish. Spreads lots of water rather than cleans and I find the floor gets soaked.

Don't have room for buckets etc. I want a good, compact easy to use mop that won't soak my flooring.

Ihatefootball Wed 03-Sep-14 04:59:20

You want a flash powermop ! Sell them in some supermarkets and on amazon. Best thing over., very cost effective and very easy to use. I bought my mum one and she said it was her best present ever ! She is a clean freak.! Press the button , cleaner squirts out the front., move back and forth to mop., disposable cloth thing. It is brilliant for cleaning. Not for mopping up spills.

Lelivre Wed 03-Sep-14 07:14:29

I love my bona spray mop for the bamboo flooring I had through my last house. But personally I'd say it isn't any good for muddy entrances, I would do that by hand.

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