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oven element

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ilovechristmas1 Sun 31-Aug-14 22:12:16

my bottom part of my oven is not heating up,the top is

im guessing the heating element has gone

it's electric

if so how easy is it to fix ??

it's a slide into the unit one,quite easy to buy and install

wowfudge Wed 03-Sep-14 07:25:36

Have you looked somewhere like espares online to see whether they stock the element for your oven? They probably have a tutorial to show you what to do unless it isn't something you can do yourself.

NannyR Wed 03-Sep-14 20:42:51

I've replaced the element on my fan oven. There are lots of videos on YouTube to show you how and if you have the make and model of your oven you can get the element from an electrical spares shop (mine cost £25).
My tip is to take photos of all the wiring before you disconnect anything then you know how to put it all back together.

JuniperTisane Wed 03-Sep-14 20:53:41

Dh and I replaced ours once. It was about twenty quid from espares and nit technically difficult at all, fiddly though.

ilovechristmas1 Wed 03-Sep-14 22:25:00

wow some great suggestions,thank you i was thinking of getting a new oven as have no idea but im gonna look into your suggestions,thank you all

rockinghorseShit Wed 03-Sep-14 22:35:00

I paid £60 for mine to be replaced

FlatCapAndAWhippet Thu 04-Sep-14 04:08:28

I did mine myself.
Bought the new element from eBay and watched a youtube video on how it was done.
Quite simple but a fiddle.
£15 job done.
Dont forget to turn the electricity OFF before you start.

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