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We need to discuss larders

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Titsalinabumsquash Sun 31-Aug-14 16:13:12

A very important dull topic I'm sure you'll agree.

I have a tiny kitchen, tiny beyond belief.

I have stuff piled on my kitchen sides and I can only do tiny little food shops otherwise I have nowhere to put it all.

However, I dream of neat rows of tinned goods, pasta and flour and sugar etc etc.

Now, I have a large under stairs cupboard, it is the size of the whole under staircase.

It's currently filled to the brim with junk that didn't get sorted when we moved house.

We have just realised this after nearly 2 years blush and have now realised that if we sort the junk, out the important but not often used stuff in the loft and binned the rest, we then have a big space to turn into our food cupboard.

I want a pretty store cupboard like Nigella with pretty lights and stuff.

Does anyone have an awesome larder/store cupboards and can give me some tips?

I know in it's simplicity I just need to stick a light in and some shelves but I feel it could be more.

Discuss please. smile

TeWiSavesTheDay Sun 31-Aug-14 16:15:41

Is your kitchen next to the cupboard? I ask because in our house they are next to each other, and a hole has been knocked through to make the larder accessible from the kitchen.

TryDrawing Sun 31-Aug-14 16:59:55

You could have a look on Pinterest. There is a significant danger you might get sucked in there forever, looking at beautiful pictures of larders etc

Titsalinabumsquash Sun 31-Aug-14 17:25:40

I already lose several hours of my day to Pinterest blush

It's not connected to the kitchen but it is very close to it so I can't knock through.

My main thoughts are,

Colour - I'll want to paint it, something light natch.

Door - shall I have a door or a curtain? The current door is a grim cheap job with dog bite holes that have been patched up the previous tenants. I could paint it I guess or I can make a beautiful curtain.

Lights. - I'll need a main light but in my poncier moments I think I'd like some batter powered fairy lights in there. blush

Storage - lovely Kilner jars and fancy pots and bottles are a must.

wowfudge Sun 31-Aug-14 18:48:10

Definitely door rather than curtain if you are going to store food in there. Shelving all the way round and at different heights - think what you will store where and space shelves accordingly.

Cinnamon73 Sun 31-Aug-14 18:54:48

In our previous house we had the whole of the understairs made into a cupboard (3m) with 3 doors. One had 4 huge drawers for shoes.

Something like that would be ideal for your larder, big drawers so you find everything. Ask a local carpenter. They are cheaper than most people think. You could paint it yourself to save money.

Cinnamon73 Sun 31-Aug-14 19:55:18

PS that was money well spent as our buyers fell in love with it immediately.

Titsalinabumsquash Sun 31-Aug-14 20:43:54

I have scoured our area and surrounding for a carpenter for another project and can't find one so I think it might be something we do ourselves within our creative means.

Yours sounded amazing though. smile

minkah Mon 01-Sep-14 00:04:45

My under stairs cupboard is taken up with carpet shampooer , vacuum, ironing board, iron, etc.

I'd love it to be a pretty well organised space. I watch this thread with interest. Under stairs is a nice space.

We have tongue and groove doors to it, one in the kitchen and one in the hall.

It isn't wired for electricity, but I have clip on camping lights from amazon that are very bright.

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