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For those who enjoy fabric conditioner...

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WildThong Fri 29-Aug-14 13:50:16

Have you tried the new Comfort Indian Rose and Musk. Tbh it doesn't smell like musk or roses, more like a kind of lightly scented baby powderish type of thing, tis lovely.

Rivercam Fri 29-Aug-14 13:51:11

Sounds lovely

tinkywinkyshandbag Fri 29-Aug-14 13:52:14

I recently had one with francinsence and vanilla, on special offer = absolutely hideous and can still smell it around the house. Very sickly.

BauerTime Fri 29-Aug-14 14:23:21

I use pure as i love the baby smell but i think i might give this one a try now, cheers!

Daddypigsgusset Fri 29-Aug-14 21:25:39

Is it nicer than yellow lenor?grin
I shall give it a try

GobblersKnob Fri 29-Aug-14 21:27:08

Nothing is nicer than yellow Lenor grin

ChippyMinton Fri 29-Aug-14 21:34:29

Yellow Lenor <swoon> will take some beating smile

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 31-Aug-14 09:08:52

I've just discovered yellow Lenor,I love it!grin

Gerty1002 Sun 31-Aug-14 09:27:50

I LOVE yellow Lenor but it gives me hives sad

Icelollycraving Mon 01-Sep-14 07:50:14

I only use fairy or comfort pure. I like that fresh washing smell that stays on clothes but nothing too cloying.

r2d2ismyidealman Mon 01-Sep-14 22:20:45

What is it about yellow lenor? It's so nice!

rainbowinmyroom Mon 01-Sep-14 22:21:24

Blue Lenor.

MrsPear Tue 02-Sep-14 15:06:08

My sisters friend gave me one which smelt of strawberries

chockbic Tue 02-Sep-14 15:09:43

Love a rose scent but the other half isn't keen on his washing!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 02-Sep-14 15:13:59

I discovered yellow Lenor tumble drier sheets this morning!!!

gentlehoney Tue 02-Sep-14 16:33:30

Yellow lenor just smells of boring old "Bounce" after five minutes.

e1y1 Wed 03-Sep-14 15:25:36

Best smelling FS EVER is 'Downy' "April Fresh". It's only available in the USA though sad

It's amazing stuff, and on the odd occasion, I will have it shipped over as I love it so much.

What's annoying is, Downy is Lenor, it's the same product just diff name in US. They were actually going to rename Lenor as Downy in 2002 but then backtracked (know this because I am sad and have a love affair with anything related to laundry)

So why can't they have the scent here? I have emailed P&G, and got a standard response, but you never know.

On a side note though, those new Lenor Unstoppable beads are amazing too, fair enough, they're not officially a softener, just a scent booster, but they still smell great.

Dumpylump Wed 03-Sep-14 15:30:03

My current favourite is Comfort "Patchouli and...erm, something I can't remember - possibly snapdragon, or foxglove". It doesn't smell like patchouli, and, whatever the other thing is, I don't think it has a particularly remarkable smell......but the Comfort smells gorgeous!

LovelyMarchHare Wed 03-Sep-14 15:36:22

I have it at the mo. And the honeysuckle one.

Frangpani Wed 03-Sep-14 18:18:39

I used to use Lenor until I learnt what goes into it. Funny thing is, you take good care of your skin and use high-quality skin care products. And then you go (drape) yourself in chemically-laden products such as these just because they smell (nice). I use Ecover on some laundry (er..., the yellow pack). It smells of laundry that has been sun dried in the wind, and it ACTUALLY leaves towels soft and cuddly. Now there's a thought hmm!

SeattleGraceMercyDeath Wed 03-Sep-14 18:24:36

Oooh if am a total comfort whore. Bluebell and bergamot or something.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 03-Sep-14 19:04:46

yeah but Ecover products are useless

CalamityKate1 Wed 03-Sep-14 19:06:18

Yellow Comfort or Blue Lenor. That's it.

MrsHarryRamsden Wed 03-Sep-14 19:09:22

I have never used fabric softener, is it too late to start now??

MrsHarryRamsden Wed 03-Sep-14 19:11:38

Doesn't it make your clothes feel a bit filmy?

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