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Can anyone recommend a good washer/dryer?

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HammeringBird Thu 28-Aug-14 22:31:33

The washing machine was playing up just before we went on holiday. Now we've come back with two huge suitcases full of a fortnight's worth of family washing and it seems to have totally conked out. Why do these things always happen with such impeccable timing?! The current machine is about 7 years old so it's not entirely unexpected - can anyone recommend one they've bought more recently? Preferably under £400. I clicked on a link to some reviews by Good Housekeeping magazine and nearly fainted at the prices of their top picks.

RonaldMcDonald Fri 29-Aug-14 00:00:07

Buy a washer and a dryer and stack them
Better all round

ouryve Fri 29-Aug-14 00:03:39

The good ones are all pricey, I'm afraid.

And not better all round, Ronald - if I did that I'd lose about 1.5 of my precious worktop space. About 1/3 of what is actually not already permanently spoken for.

ouryve Fri 29-Aug-14 00:04:16

I'd also lose light, since my washer space is under a window.

RonaldMcDonald Fri 29-Aug-14 00:10:13

Better all round in terms of washing, drying and economy
I was unaware that your kitchen was quite such a squeeze, gosh, that must be trying

ouryve Fri 29-Aug-14 00:19:29

My kitchen is pretty decent for the size of house at 8'5x12', Ronald. I need every inch of that space, though.

RonaldMcDonald Fri 29-Aug-14 01:00:19

I see

I thought 450 cm sounded like v little space
I guess as you say it is all relative to the size of the house

lemonfolly Fri 29-Aug-14 01:19:54

Which top best buy is AEG L75480WD at about £619, next one is more expensive.

Zanusdi zkg7125 didn't make best buy but it's the closest to your price at £419 and 4th one recommended.

I've always been told washer dryers are a but rubbish though, so if you have to get one I'd go for a recommended one for a bit more money if you can stretch!

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Fri 29-Aug-14 07:34:39

Do you have space for a dryer somewhere else? Garage? Shed? If you can get separate appliances it would be much better.

I agree about not wanting to lose worktop space in a small kitchen though.

ouryve Fri 29-Aug-14 08:32:23

And I wouldn't recommend AEG. Used to love them, but I ended up on first name terms with service force repair men with the last one.

HammeringBird Fri 29-Aug-14 08:36:24

Thanks everyone. No space anywhere else and definitely no room to stack! We hope to move house next year and I was hoping it would last that long. Ideally if we get a bigger house we would then have separate appliances. Oh well. I will look at the Which best buy and also the Zanuski. Thanks Lemonfolly.

I thought the model we have was really very cheap when we bought it (we had no money back then) and it has been fine, but the equivalent now (Hotpoint Aquarius WDL520) is around £475 so maybe I'm misremembering. We do quite a lot of washing. Not so much drying, but it's useful in winter.

BauerTime Fri 29-Aug-14 14:28:25

Ive got the Hotpoint aquarius+ WDPG8640, it was £500 and i wouldn't recommend it. Wash cycles are either 30mins, but that one doesn't get things spun properly so you have to do another spin cycle, or 3hrs! It is good on drying to be fair and we, like you, had to go for a 2 in 1 because of space but the cycle options are shit.

HammeringBird Fri 29-Aug-14 21:39:34

Will definitely avoid that one, then, Bauer!

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