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Please help me decide where to start.

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pud1 Thu 28-Aug-14 12:11:05

I am sat her wasting time whilst the house if straining under clutter and crap accumulated over the holidays. The dcs are playing with friends so I have about 2 hours.
My problem area are

A. The kids room. It needs a mega clear out but I am planning on redecorating next month so I am thinking that it will get done then

B . Our bedroom. The wardrobes are bursting. They are pissing my off. There is literally not an inch of space

C. The kitchen needs a good clean and clear out. I am planning to start weekly shopping and meal planning so I need to see what I have got and what I need

Please tell me where to start. I need to get off my fat arse and start grin

Vivacia Thu 28-Aug-14 15:52:19

I'd start with the kitchen. Clear out the fridge and clean it.

Vivacia Thu 28-Aug-14 15:52:48

Ah, I've just looked at the time of your OP. What did you do?

pud1 Thu 28-Aug-14 18:21:09

I decided on the kitchen. It took 2 hours. I feel so much better now it's done. I am itching to start the bedroom but I am out of time.

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