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dishwashers - best use of space inside?

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sacbina Mon 25-Aug-14 16:40:39

my AEG needs replacing after 14 years service. looking for a 600mm one that is quiet and makes the best use of space inside, especially for cutlery and glassware.

have used a few in holiday homes which barely fitted in one meals worth. and one Neff model would also annoyingly beep at the end of the cycle, not good when you've put it on before bed and been woken at 1am!

any recommendations?

thenightsky Mon 25-Aug-14 18:58:04

I've currently got a bosch one that is pretty good, but the lack of height on the top basket to fit in long stemmed glasses on pisses me off a bit.

I did own a lovely Zanussi one years ago, but left it behind when we moved house.

when I went shopping for a new one, I took my biggest plate with me to make sure the top spinner would spin without catching on my big plate.

sacbina Mon 25-Aug-14 19:50:15

good point about the plates. MIL bought us a lovely set one year but the big plates won't fit so it rarely gets used now.

ilovepowerhoop Mon 25-Aug-14 19:53:29

my bosch logixx has a top basket that you can adjust the height of so you can fit bigger plates in. It also has a cutlery tray at the top so you dont have space taken up with a cutlery basket in the bottom rack. It is nice and quiet too.

DramaAlpaca Mon 25-Aug-14 20:07:42

I also have a Bosch with an adjustable top basket. Mine has a cutlery basket instead of a tray, but it also has shelves for cutlery at the sides of the top basket. I can get lots in. It is very quiet & I am happy with its performance. I've only had this one a few months, but my last Bosch lasted over 18 years which is why I got another.

sacbina Tue 26-Aug-14 19:53:10

so Bosch is the frontrunner. anyone else???

PigletJohn Tue 26-Aug-14 21:00:48

Bosch or Siemens.

They are actually designed and built by the same company - BSH (Bosch & Siemens Hausgerate (Housholdappliances, in German)) which is owned 50% each by the two companies.

Siemens are usually aimed a bit upmarket and some of them are quite expensive.

I mostly get Bosch, but I bought my current Siemens d/wr as a last-years-model on clearance from JL. Expect a two-year warranty and best reliability.

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