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Cleaning stainless steel

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Lagoonablue Sat 23-Aug-14 11:55:29

What to use? I have moved and oven and job are stainless steel. They always look grubby. Are there any easy tips to keep them clean?

DoItTooJulia Sat 23-Aug-14 11:57:37

You need to oil it. Clean it first with soapy water. Once dry put some vegetable oil on a soft cloth and buff. Honestly!

Bunbaker Sat 23-Aug-14 11:58:18

I have heard of people using baby oil before.

wingcommandergallic Sat 23-Aug-14 11:59:18

I use the stainless steel cleaner from Method. Smells of apples.


Solo Sat 23-Aug-14 12:11:14

Bar keepers friend or Astonish Kitchen Cleaner (the yellow liquid, available from £ shops. Mum said it's amazing, spray, leave 5 minutes and wipe!

Lagoonablue Sat 23-Aug-14 12:53:17

Thanks for tips!

PigletJohn Sun 24-Aug-14 11:00:57

if you ever need to clean it, rub only to and fro along the direction of the brushing, not across. Circles will always show and you will never get them off. Especially if you need to use Bar Keepers Friend or a nylon scourer. Scuffs in the same direction as the brushing do not catch the eye. Baby oil is good for polishing it. You can also rub it with a barely damp cotton rag or old vest, just with water, and this will prevent watermarks.

Gabor7G Sun 24-Aug-14 11:11:55

I used to use baby oil [after cleaning with hot soapy water if required] but have now swapped to an ecloth glass and polishing cloth.

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