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Whirlpool Fridge Freezer water dispenser

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RainbowLoom Sat 23-Aug-14 11:10:47

I have a Whirlpool Fridge freezer with water dispenser that is about 7 years old. I've been away from the house for a few years, moved back in, replaced the filter, but the water was coming out slightly grey, and making greyish ice cubes(!).
It's now running clear, but don't want to use it for water having seen the grey water - is it worth contacting Whirlpool to come and clean it? Has anyone done this?

PigletJohn Sat 23-Aug-14 11:26:59

I'd try a denture cleaning tablet first.

poisonedbypen Sat 23-Aug-14 11:32:29

Now that the grey has gone through it should be fine, although it might be worth trying to disconnect the hose & clean it out. Throw away the grey ice cubes though!

RainbowLoom Sat 23-Aug-14 11:34:34

denture cleaner - good tip!!!!

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Sat 23-Aug-14 11:37:24

Once you've fitted a new filter, you are meant to run a certain amount of water through the system and discarding before drinking it anyway, just to be certain you're not drinking any water that has been sitting around stagnating, and it gets rid of any air locks. If the water is running clear now, it should be fine.

If you haven't used it for a couple of years, this would explain any grey, stagnant water. PigletJohn's suggestion of a denture table to flush out the system is a good one (I also use them to clean the toilets) grin

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