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Vicker's Steam mop

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violetwellies Thu 21-Aug-14 09:11:07

I'm thinking of getting a steam mop.

Did anyone who got the Morphy Richards - as recommended by Vickerina22, actually regret it?

BaroquePearl Thu 21-Aug-14 09:16:09

Me. It was good but not amazing, and then it suddenly died after two weeks. I can't see any other reports of. That happening, so I guess I was just unlucky, but I am not sure I want to buy another the same.

violetwellies Thu 21-Aug-14 17:02:10

Apologies for grammar, beaten by new site

BaroquePearl Wed 27-Aug-14 16:02:55

Thought I'd try bumping this. Did you get one, violet?

violetwellies Thu 28-Aug-14 23:40:52

Not yet - still at the thinking stage, I have stone floors and tbh they are REVOLTING blush I can't afford to buy something I'm going to have to replace in a couple of weeks.

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