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Washer not spinning? Is it kaput!

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TheMightyMing Tue 19-Aug-14 22:21:02

It's been making some funny noises for a few days, now stops on all programme at the rinse and spin point. I am currently attempting to empty and spin using the separate programmes for rinse and spin only. Going away Monday, so it's come at a bad time!

BlueBrightBlue Tue 19-Aug-14 22:54:48

Sounds like the bearings have gone; most likely explanation. Check to see if there is a blockage, this will stop the pump from working, or else the pump itself might have packed up.
Get someone local i.e on the high street to take a look if it's no longer under warranty.
Beware any Freephone numbers.

mausmaus Tue 19-Aug-14 22:57:47

what are you washing?
my washer sometimes doesn't spin with 'lumpy' itemslike a bathmat. I put in a couple of towels with it for a more even weight and then it's no problem.
but crunchy noises don't sound good...

TheMightyMing Wed 20-Aug-14 10:19:55

Thanks . I drained it out, but the drain filter in the bottom corner is jammed and looks as though it might have stuff stuck in it- hoping DH can get it out later to clean it- might work.

Not bothering getting it fixed , if was a cheap ish Zanussi and I have had my money's worth out of it!

rumbleinthejungle Wed 20-Aug-14 10:27:54

This happened to ours - with DSs school blazer stuck in it! I looked on YouTube and it was really easy to fix. It just needed the filter cleaning. Good luck!

rumbleinthejungle Wed 20-Aug-14 10:29:00

I've just realised this is in Good Housekeeping. I NEVER thought I'd post in here!

BlueBrightBlue Wed 20-Aug-14 11:05:30

Put a couple of big towels in front of the washer. If the filter is jammed, try gently turning it with pliers. There will be a big "whoosh" as the blockage and waste water escape.
Pull out anything lurking in the little filter basket and put the cover back on. Some have a couple of tiny screws to secure it.( worth checking before you attempt to unscrew cover)

BlueBrightBlue Wed 20-Aug-14 11:08:21

2p's and 10 p's are common culprits.

VeryStressedMum Wed 20-Aug-14 11:10:21

Our washing machine stopped spinning and the brushes were worn and needed replaced...but it stopped spinning totally not just on particular programmes..

InsertUsernameHere Wed 20-Aug-14 14:17:47

Like very ours stopped spinning on all programmes (after a few washes of just not spinning effectively. It was the brushes which are apparently a consumable part. Got ours fixed and good as new. Cost about 80 quid parts and labour. Ours was a 7year old bosch. Not sure of the price or economics of doing for other brands. If you are contemplating buying a new one might be worth trying to fix it yourself (with you tube's able assistance). I think the brushes are pennies.

VeryStressedMum Wed 20-Aug-14 15:14:11

Insert...dh changed the brushes himself. They cost £10 to buy and youtube showed him how to do it! That was 3 years ago and it's still going strong, the machine is 9 years old now.

TheMightyMing Wed 20-Aug-14 15:15:18

DH pulled out the drain filter- it was full of crap including a sock, bits of wood, coins and other assorted jetsam. Tested it on a spin and its now working. I feel very happy !!

TheMightyMing Wed 20-Aug-14 15:16:09

Thanks smile all

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