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Changing our worktops. Is Maia any good?

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Rooners Mon 18-Aug-14 12:40:58

We're moving to somewhere that has a fairly nice kitchen, less than 10 years old-ish and I think we're keeping the units but the worktops are pretty ugly, so I'd like to replace those.

I love granite or marble in light colours but can't afford too much, and it's an upstairs flat and it feels like we should get something a little less heavy iyswim, just for convenience and economy.

I'm not sure what all the different materials are, but can anyone suggest something that's nicer than laminate and not too hard to keep looking nice?

I have three boys and the eldest one is quite scatty and loves to cook. So the main thing is it has to be boy proof smile

Thinking about 'Maia' but is that really easy to stain or scratch? Also considering a cheaper sort of composite perhaps, or maybe high end laminate would work Ok?

I just want to be able to keep it clean and tidy, without worrying about wping up every drip or drop and the awfulness of a child cutting his apple in half on it and destroying it for ever.

Any recommendations gratefully received - it is a small kitchen so we can probably afford a little more than if it were bigger.

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