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How do you store Playmobil and Lego?

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ShoopShoop Sun 17-Aug-14 10:12:38

Just that really! I'm struggling to keep together all the little bits in DD's Playmobil sets and Lego sets.

We have some of the Lego storage boxes but whilst nice to look at they're not really that practical.

Any ideas??


aubreye Sun 17-Aug-14 10:15:39

My kids aren't into Lego or play mobile but my DD1 and DD2 play with Sylvanian Families and the parts are tiny! We store them I'm big plastic boxes that you can pick up at B&Q etc. Maybe Argos? Really useful and they usually come with lids.

ShoopShoop Sun 17-Aug-14 10:26:38

Oooh that's a good idea- thanks!

Do you keep the sets separate? Like one per box? Or do they all just go in together? We have so many blooming Playmobil princess hairbrushes and stuff I lose track which one belongs to which set sad

I accept this probably winds me up more than it does DD though!! smile

Nagasaki Sun 17-Aug-14 10:32:32

If you are near an Ikea, their "Samla" storage boxes are ideal for Lego etc.

Come in lots of different sizes and are clear so you can see what's inside if they are stacked up. A little thing I know, but makes all the difference when DS is looking for a particular thing grin

erin99 Sun 17-Aug-14 11:33:48

We have all the lego friends in one trofast box. Other sets are in clear plastic lidded boxes. I second the samla idea, though ours are just the biggest tupperware I had. The boxes are stacked, end on, on a bookshelf. I cut out a label from the original packaging showing a pic of the assembled piece or general label like 'chima', and stick it inside the box facing out. But just having the clear boxes is enough really.

I think semi-organised isthe way to go if you want to keep the sets to make. Keep all the princess stuff together, and the car kits together etc. I prefer the idea of chucking it all in together for more creative making, but DC would insist on doing the kits anyway and they'd just get more frustrated looking for the bits.

Nagasaki Sun 17-Aug-14 13:00:35

Oh, taping a poly pocket to the side for set instructions to go into is pretty handy too. Shows the set and keeps the instructions safe.

NerfHerder Mon 18-Aug-14 09:52:51

That's an excellent idea about the instructions!
We have a lot of Lego, and we insisted it was all in together (pieces sorted by type and size, using sanka and Ziploc bags) however my youngest insists on building particular sets over and over again, so I'm thinking I should now store certain sets whole, as sets. Would probably make us all happier.

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