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Black shower head

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Chillisauce Sun 17-Aug-14 10:00:22


Ok. My shower heads minging. Can I just leave it in a bucket of watered down bleach for the day or is there something else I can do? It's past the wiping stage (yes, it's grim)


callamia Sun 17-Aug-14 10:08:40

Tie a bag of vinegar and lemon juice around it for the day - it'll dissolve the limescale too. Give it a bloody good scrub, and tada! shiny shower.

Chillisauce Sun 17-Aug-14 10:29:45

Thanks callamia, what sort of vinegar, I have white wine vinegar or malt vinegar, are they any good?

callamia Sun 17-Aug-14 10:58:55

Any I think, it's just the acid you want. People usually use clear distilled, but it won't really matter for a shower head.

PigletJohn Sun 17-Aug-14 11:04:32

If its black, it will be mould/mildew.

You can unscrew the head from the hose (don't lose the rubber washer).

A bathroom cleaning spray will also remove limescale and mould. The water jet holes may also be clogged.

Chillisauce Sun 17-Aug-14 11:14:56

Thanks both. Yes it's really mouldy, I've been looking at it for weeks thinking I must sort that! I've tried to screw it off but it's wedged on! I'll try it again with rubber gloves on.


BilboTheAlmighty Sun 17-Aug-14 12:56:54

I use white vinegar and leave the shower head in it overnight. If you live in the countryside, you can buy 5L bottle of white vinegar (usually used for horses!): I swear by it smile

BilboTheAlmighty Sun 17-Aug-14 12:57:36

I meant to say: if you live near a country store (I'm tired...)

PigletJohn Sun 17-Aug-14 15:27:57

the hose has a knurled ring on the end with a thread that screws onto the handle of the shower head. it's possible the thread has got stuck with limescale on it. The vinegar soaking or limescale remover may shift that. If the ring is plastic it may crack.

Shower heads and hoses all have the same thread on them now, so you might consider swapping for a new one. Some very old showers have a different fitting where it comes out of the wall or the mixer.

Chillisauce Sun 17-Aug-14 16:30:18

Thanks. I was an advertisers dream today in Morrisons and bought Cilit Bang black mould remover. It's worked a treat!

Thanks piglet john. The hose does appear to be stuck. It feels like I'll crack it if I twist it too hard. Th whole thing looks great now though, no black I'm sight. I impressed. I realise it's probaby plain old bleach in a fancy spray but I've got a clean shower either way ha.

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