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Do you have a routine?

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JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 13-Aug-14 16:23:45

I would like to create a rota type thing but I don't know how to start

sooperdooper Wed 13-Aug-14 16:29:51

I don't have a rota as such but I try to keep on top of certain things every day, eg. hoover downstairs, wipe kitchen surfaces, empty bins, pack/repack dishwasher

Then once a week I mop the kitchen, clean the bathroom, hoover upstairs and try and do one other thing that doesn't need doing every week, clean out the fridge/wipe down skirting/dust in the living room (some people might do those things every week, I probably have low standards!)

MrsFlorrick Wed 13-Aug-14 16:53:59

Sort of. Not written down but I have my own system.

Daily involves bin and recycling emptying (evening after dinner), unloading and stacking dishwasher, wipe down of worktops (kitchen) and dining table after every meal (3x a day). Quick Hoover in dining area with handheld Hoover after every meal (DS is 3yo and a messy eater grin)

Weekly. Thorough clean of whole house.
All skirtings, window sills and door frames etc wiped down (I use a steam duster or wood wash and a microfibre cloth).
All floors hoovered and washed
Wood panelling in lounge wiped down (steam duster or wood wash with micro fiber cloth).
Beds changed (before dusting and hoovering)
All towels in all bathrooms changed.

Bathrooms: sinks washed (sponge and washing up liquid), bath washed out (sponge and washing up liquid), showers walls and floor washed (sponge and washing up liquid), shower screens cleaned (bit of vinegar on a micro fiber cloth), taps, shower heads and bath filler cleaned with vinegar on micro fiber cloth.
Toilets cleaned (bit of bleach in bowl) and sponge with washing up liquid for seat etc.
Mirrors with vinegar on microfibre cloth.
Shelves wiped down with Ecover wood wash on micro fiber cloth.

Kitchen/diner: all kitchen units wiped down on outside (inside only once a month or so), all appliances (fridge freezer wine cooler, hob and ovens, kettle, mixer, micro wave) cleaned with steam cleaner jet nozzle and wiped with micro fibre cloth. Ditto for all worktops.
Bit of bleach in both sinks for a few mins.
Dining table washed down well with wood wash inc legs (messy DC).
And all wood work (sills skirtings door architraves and doors) washed down with wood wash on micro fiber cloth.

All TVs in house wiped with slightly damp micro fiber cloth.
Utility room: clean out guinea pigs. Wash down worktop and quick wash of wood work and units. Hoover and wash floors.
And done!
It's sort of hard work and our house is over 4,000 sqft and this takes me about 6/7 hours total if I put my back into it and work hard.

Place is spotless afterwards and stays generally clean until the end of the week.

Just think what an amazing workout it is and how many calories it burns grin
Used to have a cleaner but house was never really left clean and it cost a fortune.

Mrsgrumble Wed 13-Aug-14 16:57:47

No but I feel I constantly cleaning. I am going to allocate a day per job system as due second baby soon. Also my house is fairy small so doesn't tak too long.

I iron about three times per week, stick a wash on daily. I wipe and clear all surfaces after every meal. Have a bill box with stamps etc and sort as soon as they arrive. I wash the bath mats with the towels once a week (separate load) etc

If I see a switch this grubby, I do them all, same with mirrors and light fittings but I need a system.

JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 14-Aug-14 07:27:46

I feel like I'm constantly cleaning/tidying but it makes hardly any difference unless I go crazy with it but I just don't want to do that everyday!

Stengor Sun 17-Aug-14 09:19:49

MrsFlorrick it makes me feel shattered just reading that. Would take me at least a month!

ContinentalKat Sun 17-Aug-14 09:25:58

I am successfully using this 15 minutes a day cleaning schedule. You just have to wrap your head around the fact that you need to do 15 minutes every day, weekends are free!

I have swapped around the dusting and hoovering, though. Doesn't make sense to Hoover first and dust the day after.

Ragwort Sun 17-Aug-14 09:54:10

I more or less do the 15 minutes a day routine - I don't understand people who say they have to vacuum every day confused. Unless you have pets I suppose which is one of the reasons I would never have pets.

I actually timed myself cleaning the bathroom yesterday - I stepped out of the shower so it was 'drying time - wrapped in a towel' - it honestly only took about 90 seconds to do the toilet/washbasin and shower and flick over the skirting boards.

I do think some people obsess over housework - or do I just have incredibly low standards grin)?

erin99 Sun 17-Aug-14 19:50:26

MrsFlorrick I'm hugely impressed but also quite intimidated.

Kat thank you for that blog link. I like the idea of faking an immaculate house! My problem is it takes me hours to do the tidying part, I run out of time before I get to the cleaning! But little and often is definitely the way I should be doing it.

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