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Can anyone help me find wide oilcloth/PVC for a tablecloth please?

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MrsHarryRamsden Tue 12-Aug-14 22:38:23

I have looked in John Lewis and Dunelm Mill but most widths seem to stop at 135cm. I need at least 140 cm-150cm by 200cm.

I am looking at quite a neutral colour palette, pale duck egg blue or taupe with a pattern, but can't find anything in the shops so does anyone know of any reputable online shops?

Thanks for your help x

Leviticus Tue 12-Aug-14 23:15:21

Google Bowley and Jackson. They do really nice coated linen table cloths which act just like oilcloth without looking shiny. I bought mine from them via eBay and it's been brilliant. Everything my 1 and 3yo's have thrown at it has wiped off and it looks really nice. 140cm width but they might have wider ones if you look.

HappySunflower Tue 12-Aug-14 23:18:47

C&H Fabrics smile

5toocoolforschool Tue 12-Aug-14 23:29:10

justwipe do all lengths and widths.

MrsHarryRamsden Tue 12-Aug-14 23:41:26

Thanks all, I'm looking at all of the above suggestions.

5toocool, am I being thick, I can only find 135cm widths..

MrsHarryRamsden Wed 13-Aug-14 13:29:14

Bump for the daytime mumsnetters smile

annabanana19 Wed 13-Aug-14 14:18:53



shanewayne Wed 13-Aug-14 17:02:34

next, they do a large size. I have a huge dining table that seats 8-10 and it fits with overhang

iwantavuvezela Wed 13-Aug-14 17:10:43

When I bought my last oilcloth I just googled oilcloth and loads came up. Sorry can't do links, but there is lots online and you can give measurements you need

MrsHarryRamsden Wed 13-Aug-14 17:57:20

Thanks everyone, never even thought of next shane! Eventually went for one from Bowley and Jackson smile thanks for all your ideas x

MrsHarryRamsden Sun 17-Aug-14 20:11:45

leviticus, my table cloth arrived just now, how's that for service on a Sunday night?!

It looks great, lovely drape to the fabric and nice quality, thanks for the recommendation x

Leviticus Sun 17-Aug-14 23:16:13

You're welcome! I was really pleased. I'm glad you are too.

Droflove Wed 20-Aug-14 13:32:42

Think I got my massive duck egg and white spotted one on Amazon or eBay.

Droflove Wed 20-Aug-14 13:32:53

Think I got my massive duck egg and white spotted one on Amazon or eBay.

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