My new weekly cleaning schedule....What do you think??

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Pinklaura80 Mon 18-Sep-06 07:21:21

After religiously reading all the messages regarding a cleaning schedule, I have come up with my own, using tips and ideas from everybody else, hope you don't mind me nicking them

Every morning -

Air beds by pulling back covers and opening windows
Bring dirty clothes downstairs into washbasket
Thaw something for dinner
Unload the dishwasher
1 load of washing

Every evening -

General tidy up (pick up toys etc)
Load and run dishwasher
Clean sinks and sides
Change dish towels
Hoover carpets/brush floors

Then every......

Monday - Kitchen
Clean sink
Wipe down counters
Wash hob
Clean fridge
Wipe down cupboard doors
Wash bin
Brush/wash floor

Tuesday - Bathroom
Scrub sink, bath and toilet
Wash tiles
Empty bin
Brush/wash floor

Wednesday - Living/dining room
Polish woodwork
Polish mirror
Hoover under furniture
Tidy up

Thursday - Bedrooms
Change bedcovers
Polish furniture
Hoover carpets
For ds room - tidy up toys

Friday - Office room
Sort out finances and bills
Tear/Toss old magazines
Organise desk area
File away old paperwork

Saturday - Day off for fun, lol

Sunday - Iron laundry

I have only started this schedule yesterday so as I go through the week, I may make some changes but I think to start with its pretty good.

What do you think???

Laura xx

Miaou Mon 18-Sep-06 07:33:40

Sounds good!!

Do you think you can manage your clothes if you are ironing once a week? (says me who never irons anything )

notasheep Mon 18-Sep-06 07:58:12

Phew, i wouldnt find the time to do all that.
Good luck!

laneydaye Mon 18-Sep-06 08:01:02

PINK... how organised are you?
how many kids have you got?
you sound like wonderwoman..xx

Bucketsofdinosaurs Mon 18-Sep-06 09:00:06

Sounds a bit OTT to me but if you already do this much and are just rearranging the order then you'll be fine. Do mirrors really need polishing weekly?

While I'm here, exactly what woodwork do you polish? I still haven't got my head around the concept of polishing - you don't mean skirting boards do you?

speedymama Mon 18-Sep-06 09:08:57

First of all, do you need to wash laundry every day? I personally would try to restrict it to every other day or if you can get away with it, every two days. I would then ensure that everything was ironed and put away within 24 hours. That is my personal preference.

Also, when you say vacuum carpets every evening, is that all of them? I personally would only do the one that sees the most foot traffic (for me that would be the living room) a couple of times a week and then vacuum the whole house once a week.

Other than that, I like your schedule. Its very focused and once you get into the routine, it will become second nature. You will find that you will actually acquire a lot of free time to do other things.

Good luck!

Mum2FunkyDude Mon 18-Sep-06 09:51:09

I must be a lazy sod, its only me, dh and ds.
We keep a clean kitchen daily (wash the floor every other day). I do laundry 3x per week, 2x whites 1x colour. I never iron, except when dh needs a white shirt.
Bathroom, whom ever uses the bath wipes it clean, hoovering whole house once every 2 weeks, I do pick up and brush if there are a few loose things daily esp for the sake of FunkyDude sticking everything in his mouth.
Toys I pick up every evening.
Bedrooms, (I air my bed 24hrs ). New sheets every week. Filing every 6 months. I do not have polishable furniture. "Spring Clean" (including wiping down kitchen cupboards etc. every two months!)

And I still think I do a lot!

Pinklaura80 Mon 18-Sep-06 10:35:46

Hey all,

answers to questions

I used to go forever without ironing clothes, so doing once a week is more than enough for us.

I only have 1 son at the mo

When I said woodwork, I meant furniture, by polishing I meant wipe down, lol, I just used those words

When hoovering in the evening, I did mean heavy traffice area.

I guess it doesnt sound as easy as it is, but to me its straight forward.

Thank you for all your suggestions

MadAnth Mon 18-Sep-06 12:59:28

This is a great schedule Laura, you will be proud if you can keep it up, I reckon the worst part is starting out, cleaning the filth as Aggie would say and maintaining it.

Does everyone really change their bedding every week? We are once a month'ers if that

Kitchen floor gets cleaned once a week too, as well as wooden floors.

Mad Anthea

kama Mon 18-Sep-06 13:08:47

Message withdrawn

MadAnth Mon 18-Sep-06 13:11:21

Seriously once a week? yours as well as the kids? I have no kids, maybe thats why I forget, but really, once a week? I'm dead serious, I thought once a month was ok, is everyone once a weekers?
Sorry to hijack Laura...

Tessiebear Mon 18-Sep-06 13:19:49

i think once a week is when most of us PRETEND that we change our bedding - tbh once i remember it is usually nearer once a month - come on the rest of you own up!!!

kama Mon 18-Sep-06 13:21:08

Message withdrawn

Mellowma Mon 18-Sep-06 13:22:21

Message withdrawn

Lucybug Mon 18-Sep-06 13:34:19

Your schedule is great....I am now quite worried I might actually be OVER OBSESSED with my house! I do all that too, I vaccum all rooms daily, the living room sometimes gets done twice a day! (I have 3 children under 5) I do at least three loads of washing a day...any less and it overtakes the house! and I polish at least twice a week...but then I do have a cruising baby who's finger prints get everywhere. I do the beds once a fortnight unless the kids are ill or at the moment more for my 3 year old who is trying to go through the night in "big by pants"! God...I wipe cupboards down and that sort of thing pretty much daily too!
I'm glad I found this site...I need a sit down!!!!

Lucybug Mon 18-Sep-06 13:35:31

"Big boy pants" even

Bucketsofdinosaurs Mon 18-Sep-06 13:39:34

Sorry if TMI but I think how often you change your bedlinen can depend on your choice of contraception. Some methods make for a neater bed than others.

FrannyandZooey Mon 18-Sep-06 13:43:24

Oh bleugh

just change them! I presume you sweat during sex even if you don't spunk on the sheets?

dreamteamgirl Wed 20-Sep-06 12:14:02

Change them after EVERY time you have sex? No way could I keep up with my laundry then

Weekly bed change is plenty for me

Good schedule BTW Laura, but I would do worktops every night

youngmumoftwo Tue 14-Nov-06 21:25:06

Think thats a fab schedule. I was really unorganised until my son started school. Now we have to have a routine for us to get organised and out of the house in time. My schedule is really similar to yours. I sat down and wrote out the fly ladys and then altered it to fit us. I also have monday when I plan the weeks dinners, write it on a board ( i also put if people are away at night or at clubs etc.) This means the family can see what is for dinner instead of moaning at me. Once I have planned my meals I order it online and book to be delivered on tuesday after I have wiped out the fridge.
I love being organised for the first time ever, it really is so satisfying and I actually have more guilt free time to myself and less arguments with the family!!

ilovedolly Tue 14-Nov-06 22:25:40

yes tis a great schedule - I wrote one and managed to do it religiously for two weeks - since then can't seem to keep up - AHHHg The Spirit is WIlling but the Flesh.........Good Luck with yours!!!
ps sigh didn't want to see that proof that other parents actually dirty their sheets. I can keep mine on for a month no problem IYSWIM

giggly Tue 14-Nov-06 22:36:12

We are two weekers for sheets, was full of good intentions to do the floors tonight but hey ended up on here instead, cant see the dirty floors from here, mn is killing my schedule.

jajas Tue 14-Nov-06 22:58:03

Great schedule! I wipe down the worktops loads of times during the day as they always seem to be covered in toast crumbs hehe!

I religiously change my bedlinen every week, whether or not it has seen much action! Also air the bed and throw the windows open every day.

I do like Kim and Aggie, I used to always do most of my cleaning on a Wed night when they inspired me to drag myself away from the pc and do something constructive!

Linnet Tue 14-Nov-06 23:15:26

I used to have a cleaning schedule similar to that Laura. Not sure what happened to it. Nowadays things get done as I go along but the house isn't as tidy as it used to be. I keep on top of the main things like hoovering, dishes, cleaning bathroom, laundry and changing beds. I used to do ironing as soon as there was something to iron so there was never a huge pile to do at once. Sadly now there is a huge pile sitting on the ironing board And as for filing, the piles of paper in my room are taking over, I used to do my filing every month.

I really must try and get on top of my cleaning/tidying again.

arfur Wed 15-Nov-06 09:51:38

I did a routine similar to yours and have taped it to the inside of the biscuit cupboard so if I start wondering what to do first it focuses me on what needs doing. I do sheets wash and change one week and towels the following. Its really working as I used to spend lots of time at home but hours would pass when I would achieve nothing. It does make me more motivated than having a big blitz once a week because if something crops up like xmas shopping I dont feel bad I just think oh well itll get done next week its not the end of the world and I agree once it becomes habit you'll end up with more free time overall - GO GIRL!

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