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If you have a washer/dryer had it affected your water usage a lot?

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MinimalistMommi Sun 10-Aug-14 12:46:39

We live in a teeny tiny house. Currently we have a tumble dryer parked in our front reception room while we renovate our terraced cottage. We don't have room for separate appliances so need to get around this some how. I considered a washer/dryer but we are on a water meter and explains about how much water they use:

"Are washer-dryers a good idea if you have a water meter?
Your washer-dryer uses the same amount of water to wash as a washing machine does, but you may not realise that it uses an average of 36 extra litres of water for cooling in the drying cycle.

The amount can vary considerably from model to model. The most efficient machines use around 61 litres to wash and dry on the cotton cycle but the worst can use as much as 194 litres.

So washer-dryers may not be the best bet if you have a water meter."

I don't want our bills to go sky high but we could never manage without a tumble dryer in the late autumn/winter/early spring. We also don't have room to have something like a heated airer constantly up plus I'm aware it not a great idea to dry all your washing indoors and I don't want to have to use a noisy dehumidifier.

So what can I do? I desperation I'm thinking of paying for electricity to be run outside and have a small purpose built shed to house a vented dryer?

I know someone might suggest wall mounting a tumble dryer on top of our washing machine, but it would work. Our kitchen in teeny with a huge window practically the length of the kitchen so be can't go upwards there if that makes sense, plus it would make kitchen look even smaller and feel claustrophobic. Thanks for listening to me ramble!

wimblehorse Mon 25-Aug-14 20:21:02

I'm tempted by this. We currently have separate dryer stacked on top but about to redo the kitchen & need a washer dryer. This one uses air to dry rather than steam.

Tadla Wed 27-Aug-14 16:13:45

We have a washer/dryer in 1 unit. I've noticed out water bill up by about £25-35 every 3 months in the autumn/winter months.

I dont use the dryer to dry everything,use dryer in total maybe about 10-15 hours a month for bedding, towels and kids clothes. In summer, barely use it at all.

For us, its much more convenient than taking an ikea bag to the laundrette for a service wash.

Eastpoint Thu 28-Aug-14 08:19:04

Our washer drier is a good washer but the drier is near to useless. It is a Miele & I really regret having bought the washer drier rather than just a washer. Can you put one of the appliances in your bathroom?

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