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NEXT sofas...any good?

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Badvoc123 Fri 08-Aug-14 18:31:24

Just that really.
Seen one in the Sale I like...

ghostisonthecanvas Fri 08-Aug-14 19:55:51

Wee bump as I need to sofa shop soon too. Like some of theirs.

MrsDexter Fri 08-Aug-14 20:05:59

I'm confused with the sofas in clearance as some say arms and stool but have a picture of a sofa?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 08-Aug-14 20:08:33

We've got two - I really like them. Am not generally a Next person, either.

Capitola Fri 08-Aug-14 20:11:43

We have one in our study. It is probably the best sofa we've had. It was about £600 and looks like new, despite child/dog abuse.

MrsPresley Fri 08-Aug-14 20:12:17

I have 2, really comfy and the covers come off for washing.

I also have dining furniture from Next, really nice, good quality!

Like * remus* I'm not really a Next person, again least the clothes, but I do like the furniture.

danceponydance Fri 08-Aug-14 20:14:23

We've recently bought one in the sale and it's great. There has been much sitting around and lounging since we got it 4 weeks ago.

smugmumofboys Fri 08-Aug-14 20:17:48

I have one from the sale a couple of years ago and it's wearing very well. I have quite a few bits of furniture from Next - mostly solid oak - and it's all lovely quality. A sales assistant told me that their sofas are all UK made.

Fcukfifa Fri 08-Aug-14 20:21:49

I've just got one in the sale, half of the price of the one I had in my reserved items waiting to come.

It is sagging a bit at the though at less than a week old so having a sofa guy coming to have a look at it. I know they can't replace it as the fabric has been discontinued so I'm hoping they will refund me some money so I can replace the foam. or enough so I can order the fireplace I want

To the pp who was confused about the sale section. The picture of the sofa is the colour that that particular sofa is in the sale for. Then the description is what they have left.

So it might say Sonoma - plush velvet charcoal (fabric + colour) and it will be a stock photo of the sofa. Then the description is what they have. So they might have the Sonoma snuggle seat in plush velvet charcoal, but the photo will be for the sofa.

I'm sure someone else can explain that so much better than what I just did hmm

temporaryusername Fri 08-Aug-14 20:37:12

A relative of mine has one - very comfy and seems to be looking good after a few years.

Chillisauce Sun 17-Aug-14 10:08:33

Hi, I just wanted to ask you next sofa owners, did you just buy off the internet/catalogue or can you go and try them out? I like the look of them but want to be able to sit on them and stoke them first.

lg57 Sun 17-Aug-14 22:47:00

We've got the stratus corner sofa in charcoal grey. It's lovely an comfy. I think most of the bigger Next stores have home departments so you can try before you buy.

suze28 Sun 17-Aug-14 22:52:17

We are about to order a corner sofa for our kitchen and have had a good look at lots of their sofas. The staff at the Merry Hill home store are all really helpful and gave us the latest information on order times for the two sofas we were looking at.

If you are going to order from them the best thing to do is order in the store, that's what we've decided to do based on the advice of the staff on the store.

RainyLion Sun 17-Aug-14 22:55:33

We went in store to try them and some weren't very comfy. The ones we chose where lovely and really liked them but when they arrived we realised they were just too bulky and deep to suit the room. We rang straight way to get them returned a few days later free of charge with a full refund.

Fcukfifa Mon 18-Aug-14 07:30:09

I ordered online but had already seen it in the store. It is lovely but we ordered the Sonoma corner chaise and the back seat of the chaise is sagging already after only a week.

Next sent someone out to have a look and it's the webbing that is loose and will need fixing. There's also creased in the fabric where it hasn't been pulled tight enough.

He will be coming back to fix it but I will be complaining as I'm not happy at been sent a sofa that needs fixing after a week and was sent already faulty!

and I've seen a fireplace that any refunded money will be put towards

Bunbaker Mon 18-Aug-14 21:35:30

We have had a two seater and three seater Garda sofa for 18 months. The three seater is in constant use and I have to say that it isn't wearing well. The back cushions have gone all lumpy and despite being plumped up regularly they have never regained their original shape. I might have to re-stuff them.

sleepdodger Mon 18-Aug-14 21:37:21

Ten years on still sitting on ours, they're great

mosaicmaker Sat 21-Oct-17 14:14:53

Long time after, but we bought two sofas last year. The 3seater if ok but the 2 seater is rubbish. It sags, no support and the fabric is already piling. Next weren’t interested.

Thereshegoesagain Sat 21-Oct-17 14:18:08

Bought ours 17 years ago, cushions are still plumped and full, fabric showing no signs of wear.
When we decide to replace them ( if we ever do) we’ll be straight back to Next.

SealSong Sat 21-Oct-17 14:18:26

I have some, bought five years ago and still almost as new. No sagging, comfortable, and the fabric (tweedy type) looks as new. Would recommend.

yumscrumfatbum Sat 21-Oct-17 14:19:49

I have two next leather sofas. They are about 13 years old and still in fantastic condition

mosaicmaker Sat 21-Oct-17 15:57:16

May have changed tack since then. Lots of companies are cutting back on size and quality.

helpmum2003 Sat 21-Oct-17 19:44:27

We were advised by an upholstery man that you wouldn't get the same quality now from the same brand 'old' sofa we have. Our 2 are M and S and are both 17 yo.

MistyMinge Sat 21-Oct-17 19:46:56

We bought a second hand next sofa for £30 as we didn't want to buy brand new with children still being young. It looks good and is very comfy.

Snafflebrain Sat 21-Oct-17 19:49:40

Our Next sofas are 4 years old and still comfy & looking good. But we didn’t buy full price - if you live near stoke in the midlands Westbridge are the people who make some Next & M&S sofas and is half the price of you buy direct. But they only deliver localish.

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