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Anyone had a new IKEA kitchen recently?

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Fourarmsv2 Fri 08-Aug-14 10:09:10

Any hints or tips? We're hoping to order in the next couple of weeks. smile

Mrsladybirdface Fri 08-Aug-14 17:07:21

yes we had ours done three months ago. ..are you fitting it or someone else?

main tip is make sure you get it delivered from peterborough not picked at store.

you also need to book a slot with ikea, it took us 2 hours to go through and that was just checking my design was right.

get handles elsewhere.

ask away love an ikea kitchen threadgrin

notnowImreading Fri 08-Aug-14 17:14:40

I've just had one fitted. It's lovely. The main thing I would say is not to forget the handles! I didn't buy them on the first trip and was surprised when the lorry turned up without them.

Fourarmsv2 Fri 08-Aug-14 20:32:56

We've had a lovely man out to the house to do a plan.

It's costed at just under £5K but fitting is £3.5K so we're hoping to get an independent fitter.

Why handles elsewhere? Cheaper or better quality?

Mrsladybirdface Fri 08-Aug-14 20:43:34

I just didn't like the ikea ones and adding different handles makes it a bit more bespokegrin

I got mine from £1.70 each for dark pewter cup handles. I ordered a sample and took them round expensive kitchen shops and they were exactly the same quality...they were charging £8+ shock

scousadelic Fri 08-Aug-14 20:47:11

I have been told by a kitchen fitter that Ikea kitchen cupboards fit with the cabinet back flush against the wall whereas others have a space at the back to run pipes and wires through. This can cause problems when fitting apparently

MushroomSoup Sat 09-Aug-14 01:47:47

We've bought one. Fitting it ourselves.

lunar1 Sat 09-Aug-14 02:17:15

I spent the same and used their fitters. I think it was worth it because they know the kitchens well and sort out any problems directly.

I had a few missing items on the delivery and a couple of planning problems, such as the planner not taking my lights into account where the high cupboards are. Because they did the measuring up, planning and installing they sorted all that out. Which kitchen are you having? I love mine.

Mrsladybirdface Sat 09-Aug-14 08:04:50

Just as a warning half way through fitting it himself dh said "this is the worst 3 grand we've ever saved" it nearly killed him!

saying that he's proud now.

Purplehonesty Sat 09-Aug-14 08:44:47

Oh god we did. Always go with the fitters they provide.
I took us weeks to do as there was so much stuff missing and it was like the biggest most complicated jigsaw the world has ever seen. Nothing was together - I think we had something like 400 boxes and no plan apart from a crappy one page print out from the designer.
It looks nice though and was 6k for a big room.

Fourarmsv2 Sat 09-Aug-14 09:41:13

Hmmm, lots of support for their fitters. Maybe I'll get them in to do a full quote then....

Fourarmsv2 Sat 09-Aug-14 09:43:14

If you have their fitters does it still all get delivered to you to store at home initially?

lunar1 Sat 09-Aug-14 11:15:00

They work out the dates so you don't have it at home for too long. Mine was delivered 2 days before it was fitted.

Make sure that you budget for skip hire.

Fourarmsv2 Sat 09-Aug-14 11:57:04

Sounds promising smile

lunar1 Sat 09-Aug-14 12:15:06

They will also come back for even the slightest problem. I have found the service really good, I had a couple of issues after and they were really quick to fix the problems.

GalaxyInMyPants Sat 09-Aug-14 12:19:25

Do you need someone to come to your house and survey it? Do ikea do this?

Vivacia Sun 10-Aug-14 15:25:14

I love ours. We planned it ourselves and put the cabinets together with no problems or missing bits. We booked separate, local trades for the gas, electrics, tiling etc and a carpenter to do the worktop.

Badvoc123 Sun 10-Aug-14 15:39:27

We used the ikea planning service.
It was £50.
Then we took all the info to the shop to order it....this takes much linger than you think! It took us 1.5 hours!
Dh put all the units together and out builder fitted it.

Badvoc123 Sun 10-Aug-14 15:41:10

Oh and btw, if you are an ikea family card member you purchases will be insured against accidental damage so if you your builder damages anything they replace them free.

rockinghorseShit Mon 11-Aug-14 15:32:19

has anyone had one for a while? Just wondering what the quality is like and how long they last?
We are saving for a kitchen and were thinking of going to howdens, but was in ikea yesterday and they look lovely, however, it was so busy, it is stressful to go there don't know if I could stand it, you have to fight for attention from the staff!

lunar1 Mon 11-Aug-14 17:37:04

I had one in my last house for 8 years, it was still lovely when I sold it, including the wooden worktops.

Mrsladybirdface Mon 11-Aug-14 22:04:25

rockinghorse - you can design online and then book an stress then

Fourarmsv2 Mon 11-Aug-14 22:52:07

We had a planner come to our house from Bristol store. No charge.

ContentedSidewinder Mon 11-Aug-14 23:21:04

scousadelic all they do is put the pipework at plinth level, if you're having a kitchen ripped out they have access to all the pipework as you should have an empty room.

A sink unit (old style Faktum, fitted last year) has a half bottom to the unit allowing all the pipes into the back of the cupboard.

Why would anyone want to waste space behind every cabinet? Drop all pipework to skirting board level.

I have had my kitchen a year, my sister has an Ikea kitchen and it is around 3 years old and looks amazing still.

We ordered in store, it gets scanned going onto the lorry, and scanned coming off into your house. We were missing 4 items (ie they weren't in stock, not we can't find them on the lorry) they arrived 3 days later. Ikea phoned me and arranged a delivery date convenient to us.

We ordered the kitchen early as we wanted to make sure everything arrived and we were having a kitchen extension built. Being an organised sort of person, after Ikea had delivered it we stacked it (keeping it flat) into larder units, base units, wall units, interior fittings, plinths together etc. Plus I wrote on every box what it was ie 600 base or door for pull out larder etc in black marker so the fitter knew what it was.

Ikea give you a full print out, so the first cupboard you started your design with is number 1 and it lists all the component parts for that ie cabinet, door and any interior fittings. It was very easy to find stuff.

We had an independent fitter do it as he was recommended by our builder and we were more than happy with it all.

Badvoc123 Tue 12-Aug-14 08:31:45 ikea do the new pipe work then?
I am taking mum to ikea this morning to make an appt to get someone to come out to design her a new kitchen.
Do the fitters do everything?
She will need plastering done prior to New kitchen going in...

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