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Need help removing gross yellow stains from DP's pillow cases

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dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:36:16

As the title says really. DP is incredibly sweaty in the night and I am f*cking sick of him ruining lovely white bed linen with his gross sweaty head and body. Everything ends up yellow on his side despite me washing it very regularly - I can't wash it every sodding day!!!

Any tips for stain removal much appreciated.

WildThong Mon 04-Aug-14 21:39:05

Watching with interest.
I'm stupidly satisfied that I'm not the only one whose dh has a sweaty face.
and he dribbles

SwedishEdith Mon 04-Aug-14 21:40:25

Biotex and sunlight. Failing that (and it won't work) dye your bed linen.

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 04-Aug-14 21:40:43

My DH does this too. And he produces a vinegar smell

LineRunner Mon 04-Aug-14 21:41:39

Have you tried bleach?

coqdargent Mon 04-Aug-14 21:41:55

Watching too, and hoping I don't have to buy black silk sheets.... Men are gross shock

dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:42:46

I have tried bleach, but never sure how much to use so maybe not tried enough to be effective. How much is enough?

onepieceoflollipop Mon 04-Aug-14 21:43:11

We don't have white bedding, but I have to wash dh's pillowcases every 3 days or so. I don't change the whole bed each time. I buy extra pillowcases to coordinate with the duvet covers, so at times I might have 3 pillowcases in the laundry bin. I also wash the pillow protector every week at least, to stop the grease seeping through (sorry!). I wash them at 60 with whatever other bedding/towels need doing.
They have to be washed at 60 minimum, not a quick wash, with a proper dose of biological detergent (I find powder most effective).

onepieceoflollipop Mon 04-Aug-14 21:44:25

P.s. I did have one set of white bedding, tried everything to get the stains out, including strong bleach, drying outside in bright sun, very hot wash etc. I gave up in the end.

momnipotent Mon 04-Aug-14 21:44:29

Glad to find myself in such good company. smile

dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:45:11

swedishedith will try Biotex.

Men are gross. Am stood looking at the bed now and there is literally a line down the middle dividing the lovely white side and the rancid, stained side.

cerealqueen Mon 04-Aug-14 21:45:17

I use oxy white on whites, maybe you need a pre-wash and a full wash too. Have lots of spares so the exposure t the seat is less overall.

LTB? grin

cerealqueen Mon 04-Aug-14 21:45:37

exposure to the sweat

onepieceoflollipop Mon 04-Aug-14 21:46:10

One last thought, I also have greasy skin but give my face a good wash before bed...Dh is clean and showers daily, but his skin is quite greasy by bedtime. Would prevention be better if your dp/Dh is amenable?

Merel Mon 04-Aug-14 21:48:05

I have managed to spruce up my white bedding by using a similar method as the poster above. I use Vanish on any stains or crusty bits, then wash with biological powder and soda crystals on 90. In the summer, hanging out in the sun does seem to help too.

PlumpPartridge Mon 04-Aug-14 21:48:13

THank goodness it's not just mine!!

dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:48:26

I think the multiple sets of pillow cases is probably the only answer. Does slightly piss me off that I will end up sorting it out and taking the cases on and off despite DP saying he 'wants to get it sorted'. Guess I don't have to sleep on them but it makes me want to heave just looking at them.

frames Mon 04-Aug-14 21:49:25

Tesco value white pillow cases. Have two "show pillows" on the top either side with tesco value underneath for when bed is made. At bed time you have the two fancy linen show pillows, and your dh has the tesco value. When they are totally rank at £1.65 for 2...they could be recycled and new ones bought. Or ltb. Sounds gross.

dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:50:54

onepiece DP is a shower lover and has a shower most evenings as well as the morning so not sure that is the issue.

I have been using soda crystals but will try a higher wash than 60 tomorrow, plus it is going to be warm so can get them outside.

dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:52:49

Am also going to use biological powder on the bedding. Have always used non-bio but clearly this is a tougher job.

Will have to LTB otherwise!

LineRunner Mon 04-Aug-14 21:53:36

He is probably using the wrong shower gels and shampoos that just build up crappy oils over time with too much use.

I know this sounds a bit mad but sometimes hair is best left alone for a few days.

dippingbackin Mon 04-Aug-14 21:55:24

linerunner if only he had hair! Gets it shaved right back as started to lose it years ago. So it really is just sweaty scalp...god that is gross just typing that!

cerealqueen Mon 04-Aug-14 21:56:32

If you have two pillows then that is four nights each on a new side if you turn them every night.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Mon 04-Aug-14 21:57:07

Oh bio will make a massive difference, honestly

I used non-bio for years & that kind of yellowing never went away (& things never smelled properly clean either) but since I started using bio - powder is best, Aldi's v good & cheap - I rave about how clean things are like a detergent advert blush

I also stock up on cheap white cotton pillowcases & put 2 on every pillow before putting the pretty ones on grin

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Mon 04-Aug-14 21:58:55

If you need to use non-bio for allergy reasons then wash things twice occasionally - at 40 degrees in bio & then at 60 in non-bio

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