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Please talk to me about hiring a cleaner

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Onethirdamidwife Mon 04-Aug-14 14:22:03

This is alien territory to me - I'm used to doing all the housework, child are, cooking and cleaning etc. but I mat the end of my tether with my lazy husband, kids following in his footsteps and me being fed up constantly.

I am a full time student with 3 kids in a nice ish home - I would love help with cleaning he kitchen, bathroom, hoovering, making beds, ironing and dusting. How many hours would this take and how many times a week? And does the house have to be extremely tidy before they come to clean?

Am in essex if anyone can recommend a good service.


MushroomSoup Mon 04-Aug-14 22:36:00

I asked on Facebook and a friend recommended his sister. She came round and I told her what I wanted, and she told me how long it would take her. I've had her for nearly two years now and I love her having a cleaner.

I have a four bedroomed, 2 sitting roomed house.
She dusts and hoovers the whole house and steam cleans the wooden floors. Makes beds. Cleans toilets and bathrooms. Cleans the kitchen, even wipes down all my cupboard fronts.

It takes her three hours and I pay £10 per hour.

Pipbin Mon 04-Aug-14 22:42:53

I tidy before mine comes. She does put away washing up left out and tidies the dressing table but other than that she just cleans round stuff.

She couldn't come this week and I had to do it myself. She is worth every last penny.

Aberchips Tue 05-Aug-14 13:17:41

Mine does 3 hours a week in a 4 bed semi ( we have just moved to a bigger house so will probably need to up this). We pay £8.50 an hour to he & £95 a quarter to the agency we got her through. If anything ever happened to her I'd have a nervous breakdown they would find a replacement/cover.

If you want her to iron as well you would probably need another hour/ hour & a half depending on how big your house is.

I do generally tend to do a tidy round before mine comes, just so she is cleaning rather than tidying, but she says she doesn't mind if it's a bit messy. I love her....

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