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We always smell slightly of damp!

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Ber2291 Mon 04-Aug-14 08:25:45

I dry our clothes hanging up in our utility room (can't really hang outside, usually am at work all
Day and weather is unreliable but at moment garden is building site so actually can't). I use a dehumidifier on the laundry setting but no matter what our clothes always smell just a bit damp. Any suggestions?

JimmyCorkhill Mon 04-Aug-14 08:33:23

Tumble drier.
Lakeland's heated clothes airer.
Hang clothes throughout the house, not just in one small room.

hydra234 Mon 04-Aug-14 14:35:32

Could it be the washing machine needs cleaning? Also, I have just started testing Lenor Unstoppables, they give everything a fantastic smell, well worth a go!

trilbydoll Mon 04-Aug-14 18:08:29

How well spun are the clothes when they come out of the machine? I have pretty much given up on the delicate wash on ours, even with the dehumidifier going the clothes don't get dry quickly enough.

The heated airer and dehumidifier is the ultimate combination. I dry clothes in a bedroom so prob better ventilated than a utility room, if you're at work does it matter too much where the clothes are?

Bunbaker Mon 04-Aug-14 18:19:23

I would put the washing machine through a service wash first.

I also found that clothes had a damp smell because they took too long to dry. Jeans were the worst.

Can't you wash at the weekend and hang indoors with the windows open? Failing that I think a tumble dryer is your best option.

ClearlyMoo Mon 04-Aug-14 18:24:36

We have a dry soon airer from Lakeland.

We use this with a dehumidifier

CarbeDiem Mon 04-Aug-14 18:39:08

I've had this before and had to do a maintenance cycle on the machine. I also think lenor or whatever makes clothes smell fresher too although I know it's not healthy for washing machines.

Sonnet Thu 07-Aug-14 15:39:33

I would suggest that the clothes are hanging too close together when drying and not drying properly.

I would give the machine a good clean - maintenance wash plus cleaning out detergent draw and filter.

Can you space the clothes out, or hang them so air can circulate freely around them. If this isn't possible i would suggest washing smaller loads so you have less to hang.


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