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hashtagwhatever Sun 03-Aug-14 23:58:37

The water has been slowly dripping in the toilet bowl which has resulted in limescale build up. I've tried bleach and limescale remover with a scrubber brush to no avail. So wise mumsnetters what is the best way to get rid of the limescale once and for all?

OldLadyKnowsSomething Mon 04-Aug-14 01:09:54

Vinegar and/or lemon juice. But get a plumber round to sort out your cistern, too.

frutilla Mon 04-Aug-14 10:23:05

I had tried everything and nothing worked......then I discovered Parozone limescale FizzTabs in poundland the other day and they are brilliant. You put one in at night and leave it till the morning. Our loo had horrendous limescale and it's nearly all gone. Have done the tabs twice and will do again tonight to get rid of the last.

DarkBlueEyes Mon 04-Aug-14 21:34:03

I think I might have a similar problem - and will be watching this with interest. We have two loos that hardly ever get used, and the bowl ends up looking dusty and with a kind of film on the top of the water. I do go in and flush them every so often and clean them with limescale remover, but it just doesn't do the trick. Is this what you are getting? We have very hard water but regularly used loos are fine.

hashtagwhatever Mon 04-Aug-14 22:05:37

Yes same here the unused toilet has the rusty look.

The toilet that does get used was dripping water for a while which has now been fixed but has left a area of limescale.

I will try your suggestion oldlady and we have a poundland near by so will see if they are stocking the tabs frutilla thank you

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