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Anyone ever ruined a washing machine with Dylon?

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HesterShaw Sat 02-Aug-14 20:12:34

Not the colour, no. It seems like the dye powder plus lots of salt have conspired to prevent my washing machine from ever draining and spinning again. Surely they can't have caused a blockage? Salt is soluble for a start. BAH! Does anyone have any suggestions?

FWIW it's a Zanussi 1600, about four years old.

I blame "D"H. It was his bloody sweatshirt.

Icelollycraving Sat 02-Aug-14 20:32:27

Could you put it on a 90degree wash? That should shift the salt.

wowfudge Sat 02-Aug-14 21:46:05

Never had an issue. Try emptying the filter pipe accessible at the bottom front of the machine, under the plastic panel. Use a bucket. Could be that the Dylon isn't the problem, but that your machine is not reaching temperature (and hasn't been doing so for a while) and this has exacerbated the problem.

Catsmamma Sat 02-Aug-14 21:49:47

I'd check the there is something stuck in there.

With us it used to be general boy bits, now they are bigger it is dd hair grips or bobbles, or bits of dog gubbins from washing their blankies.

When i am rich I shall buy a new machine for my clothes only and the dog blankets and dh's stuff can go in the old machine. grin

HesterShaw Sun 03-Aug-14 14:29:17

Thanks for the replies. Turned out that trying to spin a single waterlogged sweatshirt had unbalanced the drum. That's all it was blush

wowfudge Sun 03-Aug-14 17:03:23

Glad you've got it sorted.

cerealqueen Mon 04-Aug-14 22:19:35

No, but the drum and window are still purple!

wowfudge Mon 04-Aug-14 22:52:36

Have you got a couple of old towels you use for clear ups but aren't too bothered about? Stick them in on a hot wash with washing powder and see if that shifts it without unbalancing the drum.

cerealqueen Wed 06-Aug-14 09:17:53

Thanks, might try that!!

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