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If you have used vinegar to clean a carpet stain, please share results.

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minkah Sat 02-Aug-14 18:09:28

I just read that vinegar mucks up ph of the carpet and if you don't rinse it very thoroughly you will have created a spot where colour will fade and more dirt will be attracted in.

Ie you will have made it all worse...?!

I have a big stain on my bedroom carpet, it was a mug if coffee. Have tried al the usual products, and, incredibly, it's still there, faded, but very much still there.

Getting desperate and have the vinegar at the ready...

lettertoherms Sat 02-Aug-14 18:11:50

White vinegar is great for stains. I use it all the time. Carpet, clothes. Go for it.

minkah Sun 03-Aug-14 08:29:03

Ok, so far have used twice, to no avail...

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