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Recomend me a Kettle....

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4littleones Thu 31-Jul-14 11:51:48

Right after the 2nd Breville Kettle has broken in the space of a year, I need some recommendations for a new one. Ideally less than about £50. Don't want a filter one. Any ideas?

minkah Fri 01-Aug-14 09:38:03

Get a glass one. Plastic ones = toxins in your water. Cancer risk, now being told.

bruffin Fri 01-Aug-14 09:54:40

bosch styline

I have had this kettle for a few years now and love it as you can set the temperature and also has a keep warm feature.

specialsubject Fri 01-Aug-14 12:55:45

oh no, not the toxins...boil water in a pan on the stove if that worries you.

we have also had a phase of leaking kettles. This one does have a small filter but has no level gauge to leak. So far so good.

minkah Fri 01-Aug-14 17:36:42

Thankyou, you don't need to be worried, or resort to boiling pans on the stove. There are glass kettles. They are elegant and efficient.

Or ceramic ones.

Oh no, the toxins, I really do agree.

PoppyAmex Fri 01-Aug-14 17:37:06

I agree with poster up thread. Bosch styline is amazing; you can choose the temp and keep the water warm for about 30ms.

I have the white one and like its' 50s square retro look too.

Pipbin Fri 01-Aug-14 17:38:49

I have this one.
Love it. No other reasons than I like the looks and it keeps water hot for ages afterwards.

Icelollycraving Sat 02-Aug-14 20:41:09

I have the sage one. Different temperatures for different teas. Is great,I'm as impressed as I can be about boiled water ;)

canutesauntie Sat 02-Aug-14 21:56:20

Same problem with a relatively new Breville, the lid kept coming apart so have now binned it. It's been replaced with a Prestige Daytona in bright green with a black lid. It looks more like a vacuum jug than a kettle and they were half price ( 25) on the Prestige website. I wasn't sure but I am rather pleased with it, it is light , well balanced and pours well. I'm always tempted by the more expensive kettles but none of them ever seem to last. Our water isn't hard so maybe it's just over usegrin

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