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our oven has broken. which new one should we buy?

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LadyAlysVorpatril Tue 29-Jul-14 14:58:27

I've never chosen an oven! Don't know where to start. .. it has to be electric, normal size. .. which ones are good? What should we look out for? Help!!

wowfudge Tue 29-Jul-14 20:16:08

Is the broken one built in or freestanding and single or double oven?

LegoClone Tue 29-Jul-14 20:30:34

Have you looked into whether it's fixable or do you want a new oven so badly you don't care?

We inherited an old oven when we bought our first home and I was rather pleased when it stopped working! Unfortunately it just needed a new element which was an easy fix. sad

We ended up taking the bloody thing with us when we moved house and had it 9 years in total before we finally got a new one, which considering it was ancient when we first got it was pretty impressive!

almondfinger Tue 29-Jul-14 21:17:31


LadyAlysVorpatril Tue 29-Jul-14 21:33:38

Its a built in one and we can keep the hob, just get a new oven bit. It would cost £120 for a new part plus labour, and its a horrific old thing that came with the house so makes sense to get a new one really.

LegoClone Wed 30-Jul-14 11:48:15

If it's not something you can fix yourself it definitely makes sense to get a new one. wink

I can't recommend anything as we just went with a John Lewis built-in oven and hob when we got our kitchen from them for convenience and didn't do any research.

Actually I can recommend that you don't get a John Lewis oven as we've had to replace the top oven element once and the bottom one twice in 7 years plus one of the controls that lies flush with the front and pops out when you want to use it frequently gets stuck in.

Chrispotts Wed 16-Mar-16 20:06:58

Dont buy an AEG there Elextrolux by another name .Ours h
Lasted 16 months luckly still under guarantee but otherwise would have cost over £350 to fix!

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