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Storage ideas

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Hithere123 Mon 21-Jul-14 07:25:02 talk to me about your best storage solutions. I use lunch boxes for almost everything!! I have them in draws as dividers I'm the fridge so I can bring things out easily. Looking forward to hearing your tips ��

dustyspringfield Mon 21-Jul-14 17:33:51

I think using lots of exactly the same type and size whatever (boxes, jumbo bags, shelves, tubs etc) is visually much less cluttered and messy if you haven't got cupboards to shove them all in (which I haven't)

BoffinMum Fri 25-Jul-14 10:24:49

I posted a lot of my little tricks on my blog. There's a good post here that people say is helpful:

Little boxes

I think my most exciting moment was putting a daylight lamp near my tights so I can tell navy and black apart during the winter months when I get up in the dark. Oh yes. Wonderful revelation, that.

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