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Quick help please - what can I use instead of laundry liquid/washing powder?

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Wenchelda Sun 20-Jul-14 14:31:50

I need to put a wash on this afternoon but have just discovered I've run out of the liquid detergent I normally use. No powder either and no chance of getting to a shop today. I do have fabric softener, some extra stain remover sachet thingys (which it says are meant to be used in addition to powder, not instead of) and soda crystals, as well as other normal household products. Is there anything I can use that will work on my children's grubby clothes? Thanks smile

AnnoyingOrange Sun 20-Jul-14 14:34:19

I would use the soda crystals and a sachet of stain remover

Wenchelda Sun 20-Jul-14 14:40:29

^^So just put soda crystals in the drawer where the powder would normally go?

ThePearShapedToad Sun 20-Jul-14 14:45:02

Pop the sofa crystals in the drum with the clothes and run it as a hot wash (if that won't harm the clothes)

Put in the stain remover where it usually goes

Should be fine smile

Wenchelda Sun 20-Jul-14 14:55:30

Thank you. I knew mumsnet would know the answer!

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