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FT work with small DC's. What's your routine?

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Batbear Sun 20-Jul-14 14:26:07

I am due back to work at the end of the month after my last maternity leave. I'm frantically trying to do as many big jobs in the home as possible (ebaying baby clothes, sorting out the cupboards for old/knackered stuff) but I'm worrying about how I'll stay on top of it all once I'm working again.

The DC's will be at school and CM, my DH works long antisocial shifts so he'll contribute when he can (even if it is more a case of not adding to the jobs).

I want to spend my weekends with the children and not cleaning/ shopping etc, but can't afford a cleaner/ironing help etc.

Anyone got tips as to how I can organise myself to stop me living in a mess or spending my weekends doing the lot?

mumtobetothree Sun 20-Jul-14 15:05:01

I'm the most disorganised person out, but re: shopping on Asda (maybe on others?) you can set up a shopping list type thing, so all things you'd usually buy regularly could be put on there then just add the extras on, that's what I do, have 12 pints of milk, 2 loaves of bread, bananas, washing powder etc all on there then spend about 15 minutes quickly checking for offers, adding the additional items and whatnot then checking out for it to be delivered. If I have a spare hour I'll meal plan then do the next four weeks, you can amend up to 11pm the night before so any unexpected items can be quickly added.

I set out all the morning items the night before, smooth things before drying and only iron what's needed. I have to be ruthless or the crap clutters up, and amazingly quickly. I'm currently trying to de-crap my house before the summer holidays, it makes a massive difference, as does the age old "a place for everything and everything in its place"...however I recently stopped working and my house is a tip, I procrastinate, that's my problem. When I was working I was loads more organised!!

Batbear Sun 20-Jul-14 18:13:15

Meal planning for 4 weeks sounds like a good idea mumtobetothree I have been doing a week at a time and get bored and lack inspiration but over 4 weeks I could probably be a bit more creative and online shop accordingly.

The build up of crap is phenomenal - unopened post, letters that need saving etc. I need to get everything sorted before work starts to give me a fighting chance.

LairyPoppins Sun 20-Jul-14 18:16:35

Meal planning
Once past the desk
Bribe the kids to hoover (my 4 year olds do a decent job)
Washing machine on every morning
Clothes folded out of the dryer, no ironing
Uniforms ready the night before on chairs by the bed (this includes mine)
Dishwasher filled every evening and emptied while I wait for the kettle to boil in the morning
Clean the bathroom while kids in the bath
At weekends - 30 minute blitz for cleaning
Every 3 weeks, sheets on Saturday.

once every couple of months, invite mum round to help

mumtobetothree Sun 20-Jul-14 18:24:02

You sound like me!! As I said, I was much more organised before finishing work!! I got them a lidded toybox each, a toy organiser rack with boxes for the small toys, now it's just two boxes full of anything and everything all mixed in together.

Half of my problem is lack of storage and limited space to put additional storage...I bought a nice shelving unit for the kitchen, with two cupboards underneath, thinking I could put pans, small appliances etc in there as I only have four kitchen cupboards, two of those being under the sink, but it's empty, I haven't gotten around to it. Actually I tell a lie, the shelves are full of junk, my cupboards are still over crowded and I can't find anything. My cupboards in my lounge/dining room are also a mismatch of jumble, made worse by the fact that my toddlers room is so small I can't fit clothes storage in so had to get something that didn't look out of place in a living room but was able to store clothes...

My bedroom's a mix of laundry, clean and not so clean, and my five year olds looks like a toy bomb went off in a bathroom is full of part/half/totally empty bottles and all of my floors are in desperate need of a good declutter and mop/scrub...

I have spent the best part of the day trying to catch up on washing, and made a point of ironing what was needed, folding it all and putting it away, so I feel as though I've made a little progress!!

Does my House-Of-Doom make you feel any better??!!

VashtaNerada Sun 20-Jul-14 18:29:16

Tell yourself you're not perfect and just do your best grin

Batbear Sun 20-Jul-14 21:17:29

Vashta I know you are right, but the prospect of work and juggling is looming - once I'm there I'll have no choice and will have to lower my already fairly low standards.

Lairy I'd pretty much sell a DC for a dishwasher or washer dryer these days. I think ironing less may well be a good idea though.

Glad you've made progress Mumtobetothree - it does feel better that other people have levels of chaos. I'm training the 4 year old to lay and clear the table and to close drawers etc and know where his toys live. It's a battle though!

Passthecake30 Wed 23-Jul-14 17:20:34

Online shopping which is delivered in the sat morning slot I allocate for ironing and crap kid tv watching (8-10)

Pay kids (4&6) £1 pocket money on Saturdays if they at least attempt to tidy up when asked all week

Strip beds while they are in the bath otherwise they want to hinder help

Batch cooking and junk midweek meal

Will soon be getting a dishwasher and kids will get free lunches so that'll help me enormously

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