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Removing colour run from multi coloured items?

(4 Posts)
lentilpot Tue 15-Jul-14 12:24:59

So we had a washing accident with a brand new black t shirt and a sentimental baby gro, which has left the white bits of the green/white sleepsuit looking a bit faded and purple. Any ideas for sorting it out? Fixed the rest of the colour runs from the load with a Milton solution, which worked a treat, but worried about bleaching the green of the baby gro?

I know this is totally pfb of me, but at 39.5 weeks pregnant this is the level of obsessive nesting I'm now at!!

ilovepowerhoop Tue 15-Jul-14 12:27:08

a colour run remover from the supermarket?

lentilpot Tue 15-Jul-14 12:54:27

I have one of those in the cupboard but it says to be aware it might ruin the garment and only to use if the damage is severe!

lentilpot Fri 18-Jul-14 22:47:23

Any other ideas?

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