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Best inexpensive firm mattress?

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Gen35 Thu 10-Jul-14 13:05:05

Looking to buy a king size mattress, as firm as possible (not foam) but can't afford to spend more than about £600. Any recommendations?
Much appreciated!

settingsitting Fri 11-Jul-14 22:10:45

Have been waiting for an answer to this, but it hasnt happened so am bumping.

I too need to buy a firm mattress up to £600. Double size. And am going around in circles. Also dont want foam.

Gen35 Sat 12-Jul-14 10:52:00

Thanks for the bump - ikea and john Lewis do have ones that seem to for the bill but no idea if good. Horrible to be stuck with something for years!

settingsitting Sat 12-Jul-14 11:17:24

I have turned my matress around the four ways and all of them have got to the point of being uncomfortable!
I probably live about as far away from Ikea as is possible to get.
No idea where the nearest John Lewis is either.
I have read that M&S may be good, but havent looked into prices. I may go for one of theirs?

wowfudge Sat 12-Jul-14 17:49:00

Go and actually try some mattresses in a bed shop - you can then find which brands suit you best and some places grade their mattresses by firmness. You spend so much time in bed, it really is worth spending ten minutes trying a mattress out.

Don't worry about feeling silly - bed retailers expect you to try things and I sure they would rather you made a purchase you were happy about than deal with after sales problems.

settingsitting Sat 12-Jul-14 17:52:02

I would feel silly all right!
I would and have done previously laid down on one. And pretty promptly got up again!

Good idea to try some makes out though. Thanks.

Droflove Sun 13-Jul-14 20:18:18

Sealy posturepedic have a great reputation. I think that's what I'll be buying. Try to find one on one of the discount online stores.

settingsitting Mon 14-Jul-14 09:44:05

Will look into those. Thanks.

regdwight Mon 14-Jul-14 20:43:19

I'm about to get one of these, since we slept on one in a rental cottage and liked it (could have been because we were in a lovely laundry free bedroom...)

But in terms of budget options, pretty good.

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